1st February, 2018

Core STEM Graduates 2017

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The number of women graduating in a core STEM subject has continued … Read More

15th November, 2017

Women on STEM Apprenticeships…

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The number of women achieving a STEM apprenticeship has increased by 250 … Read More

24th August, 2017

Analysis of GCSE STEM…

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Girls continue to outperform boys across most STEM subjects and entries by … Read More

17th August, 2017

Analysis of A level…

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The number of girls entering key core STEM subjects has increased, despite … Read More

8th February, 2017

Higher Education Statistics 2016

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There was no significant change in the number of women graduating from … Read More

26th August, 2016

STEM 2016 GCSE results

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WISE analysis of JCQ data for 2016 GCSE results for STEM subjects … Read More