Professor Serena Corr

Chair of Functional Nanomaterials

Professor Serena Corr, from the Faraday Institution, is the Chair of Functional Nanomaterials and Director of Research at the Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering at the University of Sheffield and leads the Energy Storage Research Centre.

Her research addresses the real-world challenges of designing, developing and discovering new materials to create pioneering cathodes for batteries that will hold more charge and be better suited to prolonged use. This is part of a wider portfolio of research conducted by the Faraday Institution to enhance battery performance, particularly for use in electric vehicles, as society looks to go fully electric and create a more sustainable future.

Serena is an international leader in the battery community, directing several multi-institutional research programmes, serving on international advisory boards, publishing in high-impact journals and proactively engaging public interest in next-generation batteries.

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