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Results Day: Next Steps

Results Day: Next Steps

Photograph courtesy of Girls’ Schools Association

Latest news on GCSE Results

  • Overall GCSE entry is up 1.2%; overall A*-C Grades are essentially flat on last year (69.0% v 68.8%)
  • There has been a 9.7% reduction in both girls and boys taking core-STEM subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science)
  • Standards (A*-C) have risen year-on-year for all core-STEM subjects except Biology
  • There was an increase in the number of girls entered into STEM GCSE examinations of 32,700 (3%) compared to 2014
  • Girl entrants continue to outnumber boys in Maths, Science, Additional Science and Further Additional Science
  • There are similar numbers of girls and boys taking Biology, Physics and Chemistry
  • There has been a substantial increase in girls (and boys) taking Computing and ICT
  • The number of girls taking Computing has more than doubled to 5,700
  • 46% of ICT entrants were girls in 2015 (up 5,700 to 47,000)
  • There are only a small number of girls who take Engineering GCSE but the number taking Engineering rose 44% and has now doubled since 2013
  • In attainment of A*-C grades, girls continue to outperform boys in all but three of the sixteen STEM categories
  • In attainment of A* grade, Girls outperformed boys in 15 out of the 16 STEM categories (except ‘Other Sciences’)
  • In Construction, 100% of the girls entered achieved an A*-C grade

Latest News on A Level Results

Michael Turner,  JCQ Director General announced the 2015 provisional A-Level and AS results this morning at 8:15 in the Doubletree Hotel in Westminster:

The word for this year's GCE results is stability. There are no dramatic changes in entries to STEM subjects and only marginal changes to attainment of both girls and boys. In general there is a slight fall off in the proportion of both boys and girls taking STEM subjects.

When they enter STEM subjects at GCE level, girls continue to do better than boys, measured as the proportion of each attaining A* and A grades in Physics, Maths+Further Maths, Chemistry and Biology. Computing and ICT are subjects in which the attainment advantage of girls over boys is noticeably increasing.

In Applied A-level single award STEM subjects, although girls are in a minority of entrants, their results are significantly better than the male results, measured as the proportion of A* and A Grades.

Next Steps

Have you just received your GCSE or A-Level Results and are wondering what your next step should be? Have questions about what exciting and rewarding careers there are out there for people like you? Why not join us, the Young Women’s Board for a live Q&A Session to get some inspiration, advice and direction from women working in science, engineering and technology.

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Advice about what you can do with your AS and A-Levels

Advice about what you can do with you GCSEs


Who are we?

We’re a panel of women who work in a whole range of careers including; Spacecraft Engineers, Submarine Designers, Software Developers and Engine designers – you can hear a bit more about Sian, Hannah, Emilie and Lucy in the videos below… and about the WISE Young Women’s Board.


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