Better workplace productivity

Improving gender diversity and establishing a more inclusive company culture means better employee engagement and improved workplace productivity.

Companies reap substantial benefits to their bottom line when everyone who works for them makes their best contribution because they feel valued at work. (Inclusion and Diversity in the workplace, CIPD, May 2021).

One study shows that a high sense of belonging is linked to a massive 56% rise in job performance, a 75% drop in sick days and a 50% decrease in turnover risk – meaning a 10,000 person company can make yearly savings of over $52m. (The Value of Belonging at Work, Harvard Business Review, Dec 2019)

Staff with a higher workplace belonging also show a 167% rise in their employer promoter score (their willingness to recommend their employer to others) and benefit from 18 times more promotions. (The Value of Belonging at Work, Harvard Business Review, Dec 2019)

There is also evidence that inclusion is closely linked to employee engagement, which is a vital component of productivity.

A more inclusive workplace culture can also help organisations better understand the needs of their staff to boost productivity as the impact of COVID-19 continues. (The social enterprise in a world disrupted, Deloitte, Dec 2020)

  • People who feel valued in the workplace are more productive
  • High sense of belonging linked to 56% increase in job performance
  • Staff with higher workplace belonging more likely to recommend employer
  • Inclusion linked to higher employee retention and company performance
  • Better engagement vital to mitigate workplace impact of COVID-19

‘This could be seen as just a ‘nice thing to do’, but it’s been recognised as a business imperative, which drives higher performance. That’s why it’s being rolled out from the top down’ – Camilla Barrow, Office of the CEO at Laing O Rourke.

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