Better customer experience

Improved diversity means better products, better marketing, and better customer experience, as companies have a workforce that properly understands the needs of all its users.

Women are customers, clients and users too and having STEM-skilled females as part of a team can lead to more inclusive insights into the design of products and services.

When men design products for women, they are less likely to understand women-specific needs such as device size. (The importance of women in the tech industry, DeVry University, March 2021).

Indeed, a survey shows that having products designed to meet women’s needs was the best strategy to win over female consumers. (Women want more than products and services, Kearney, 2020)

Having a more diverse workforce, that has a better understanding of the customer, also means companies can more easily reach new markets. (The importance of diversity in customer experience, Lumoa, June 2021)

A more inclusive team can also address issues around unconscious bias and improve engagement with customers on a human level.

  • Female employees give more inclusive insights into product design
  • Women-focussed products is best strategy to win over female consumers
  • A diverse workforce helps companies more easily target new markets
  • Improved diversity also encourages better engagement with customers

‘When you’re playing to a £12.45trn [global female consumer] market, employing women in leadership roles who understand the female consumers’ needs is no longer just a nice thing to do – it’s essential’ – Karina Govindji, recipient of Asian Women of Achievement Award in Business.

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