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People Like Me for Teachers

What's in the pack?

The full People Like Me pack has all the resources you need to deliver the resource to a group of girls aged 11-14. The pack is available to any individual who was been trained to present People Like Me by a WISE accredited trainer. Training for individuals and in-house training for organisations is available.

Pack contents

  • an explanation of the facts behind this approach and how it works
  • a set of top tips for teachers, to support with advising pupils on identifying their strengths and applying them to STEM careers, and with applying the ‘People Like Me’ approach to every day teaching
  • session guidance with a lesson plan and suggestions for how the materials can be used
  • quiz for girls to choose adjectives and define their ‘self-identity’
  • glossary to help girls choose the adjectives that best describe them
  • analysis showing girls how their self-identity maps onto roles where their personality would fit well and introducing them to careers where science or maths qualifications are an advantage
  • supporting materials including a USB flash drive with a presentation to consolidate girls’ learning
  • poster showing the 12 personality types
  • flyer for parents/carers that can be photocopied and sent home

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