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Who are MQA Limited? 

MQA Ltd is a research, development and licensing company, pursuing technologies to achieve excellence in all aspects of audio entertainment: from sound recordings, to content streaming and broadcasting, right through to consumer playback devices. Our first product is a breakthrough suite of technologies that delivers the original sound of the studio in a format that is small enough to stream. 

MQA’s award-winning technology is licensed by leading labels, music services and hardware manufacturers worldwide. 

What projects / schemes / initiatives to support women’s recruitment, retention and progression in STEM are MQA Limited involved in? 

The MQA team is committed to recruiting, training and developing women from all cultures, to ensure our workforce is representative of society. Our ongoing university support programme has enabled female students to learn in a highly knowledgeable environment, and often leads to permanent placements. Our flexible ways of working also reduce barriers facing women, enabling them to thrive as they progress through their careers. 

“Joining the engineering team at MQA, especially amidst a pandemic, has been a great experience. The team was extremely welcoming and open to ideas about anything which would make the transition into starting remotely as easy as possible. This could be anything from having multiple calls a day and being available to discuss a single topic/issue or allowing flexible working hours to work around childcare and other obligations. They also anticipated and offered any training that I would need and was interested in,” Sudha Yalamanchili, Senior Software Engineer. 

Why did MQA Limited join WISE? 

MQA has joined WISE to ensure we are kept informed about – and can act on – the latest insights, in order to drive the diversity agenda within our company and the wider industry. We’re excited to learn from other WISE members and to have world-leading companies as benchmarks for what can be achieved when we all collaborate. 

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