Who are Tessian?

Whether it’s protecting you from accidentally sending an email to the wrong person, or protecting your Company from accidentally disclosing personal date or intellectual property, Tessian is looking out for you.

At Tessian, we have the ambitious goal of protecting enterprise networks against new and intelligent email-based cyber threats, from human error to malice, ultimately making it impossible for sensitive information to end up in the wrong hands.

Through advanced machine learning and natural language processing, Tessian prevents email data-breaches in real-time, outsmarting traditional rule-based, admin-intensive approaches which can only report a breach after it has occurred.

Founded by a team of Imperial College engineers, we’re backed by some of the world’s leading technology investors. We work with international clients in the financial, legal and professional services sectors who trust us to find the most intelligent ways to keep their data secure.

Tessian has recently been selected to join the Microsoft Accelerator. The programme, which beginning in October 2017, will provide Tessian with unprecedented access to top Microsoft partners and customers, powerful business connections, and world-leading technical knowledge. Additionally, we recently closed a fundraising round of $2.7m led by Accel and LocalGlobe and we are looking to work with the brightest minds to help us accomplish our goal and help us defend our clients against the biggest cybersecurity problems.

What projects / schemes / initiatives to support women’s recruitment, retention and progression in STEM are Tessian involved in?

At Tessian, we have female members at levels all across the organisation, including our investors, senior management, and heads of division, and we set an example through our actions, and by making sure there is visibility of women leading in STEM.

Through our support, we hope to show that it’s both the right thing to do, and that it’s also in everyone’s best interests, and we see the benefits of diversity in our senior management team every day.

As a startup we have the benefit of agility and writing the rulebook from scratch, and we have sought to join WISE early in our tenure as a funded company as we believe that you cannot hold-off on trying to address a concern as vital as this.

We provide informal training on avoiding gender bias in interview and screening processes, and we tailor our job descriptions to equally encourage candidates of all backgrounds and genders.

Our staff have also, in previous capacities, engaged in STEM mentoring for school children, trying to dissolve early the false perception that STEM subjects ‘are only for boys’.

Most of our senior management have STEM backgrounds, so we’ve seen the gender imbalance as far back as school-days, and with some of those STEM senior management employees being female, we know exactly how arbitrary the distinction is.

Whatever factors contribute to the imbalance, we wish to correct them, because we have all seen first-hand that there is no good reason why women should be underrepresented in STEM.

Why did Tessian join WISE?

“As a technology startup with the majority of senior management hailing from STEM backgrounds, Tessian has seen first-hand that there’s a long way to go in achieving a gender balance in STEM. It’s important to us to be proactive in addressing this inequality.”
– Sabrina Castiglione, Chief of Staff

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