Subsea 7

Who are Subsea 7?

At Subsea 7, everyday science and engineering play an important part in bringing to life our amazing technical achievements. Curious and always open to learn, we know diversity makes us smarter.

With different perspectives and experience, we successfully deliver the most challenging and inspiring engineering projects needed to support the world’s energy needs.

We make this possible by being a truly collaborative and international ‘Being 7’ community of diverse people (over 80 nationalities from 33 countries).  Every person has a passion to challenge the status quo and bring fresh ideas and innovation to life.

Proactive participation in the Energy Transition is at the heart of Subsea 7’s evolution. Our target is to achieve Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. We want to lead the way and shape the subsea future and that’s only possible through diversity.

What projects / schemes / initiatives to support women’s recruitment, retention and progression in STEM are Subsea 7 involved in?

As an employer of choice, we offer our people an inclusive environment that supports them at different stages of their work-life.

Recruiting young women at the start of their career, by collaborating with STEM organisations, schools, universities, and D&I groups, is important for our future.  With the support of these organisations, we aim to promote how fulfilling and rewarding a career in the energy industry can be – and that women have a vital role in it and in our business.

For women in Subsea 7, we offer extensive training, flexible working, female development programmes, as well as return-to-work support. These initiatives, along with others we offer, have an important role in attracting the expertise and innovative problem-solving we need for our energy transition projects.

What activities do we have to support STEM, retention, and development?

Our UK diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategy focuses on three key areas: inclusive culture, talent attraction and talent development.

For talent attraction, we are always actively looking at how we promote our business and our industry as a positive career choice for women, and ways to inspire and attract the next generation.

To encourage more women into engineering and technology roles, we are focusing on:

  • Supporting our STEM Ambassadors, graduates, engineers and managers to engage with schools and universities
  • Looking at ways to recruit, eg diversity partnerships; role models / career profiles on social media, and graduate programmes, to name a few
  • Setting recruitment targets and monitoring them going forward
  • Offering summer placements
  • Raising awareness of our women in graduate, technology, innovation, and leadership positions
  • Supporting our employee-led UK Diversity & Inclusion Network to find recommendations and drive change in how we attract more women
  • Taking part in panel discussions and networking events in our local areas

Why did Subsea 7 join WISE?

“The WISE membership will help Subsea 7 to provide enhanced resources and initiatives that could inspire women of all ages to enter (and remain in) STEM fields. By making more young girls and women aware of how rewarding STEM roles in our evolving energy industry can be, we hope to inspire future generations to join us on our exciting energy transition journey.”

– Judith Anderson, HR Director, UK & Global IRM

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