SLR Consulting

Who are SLR Consulting?

SLR Consulting is a global environmental and advisory solutions business delivering advice and support on a wide range of strategic and project-specific issues. We specialise in the mining and minerals, infrastructure, built environment, industry, oil and gas, finance and power sectors working closely with a diverse and growing base of business, regulatory and government clients. We are an organisation of over 1,100 professionals working across over 30 technical disciplines.

SLR offers rewarding careers to all its staff supported by our five elements: Our Culture, Our Clients, Our People, Our Business and Our Communities with our ‘one team culture’ being the foundation on which our company is built.

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What projects / schemes / initiatives to support women’s recruitment, retention and progression in STEM are SLR Consulting involved in?

Whilst we are very much on our diversity and inclusion journey and recognise that there is much left to do; we have made some positive progress over the last few years.

From a training and development perspective, we have added unconscious bias training to our mandatory training package for all staff and line managers and are looking to offer further guidance to line managers to better support staff returning from parental leave and career breaks. We have also implemented an agile and home working policy which enables those across SLR with more flexibility on where, when and how they work.

We are currently in the process of implementing our Diversity Steering Committee to represent our female population as well as other under-represented employees. This in turn will strengthen many of our existing initiatives including our women’s mentoring networks. We have also established an online Diversity Hub and regularly look for opportunities to celebrate success stories with a focus on the progression of women across SLR.

To address the Gender Pay Gap, we undertake regular internal and external salary benchmarking exercises to compare the salaries of men and women and have extended our reporting to cover not only those women based in the UK, but also those based in our offices across France and Ireland.

From a recruitment perspective, we have made it a policy that all roles are advertised internally as well as externally and have improved the visibility of our roles through a fortnightly vacancy email sent directly to staff. Finally, we gather equal opportunities data on our candidates and report on this on a three-monthly basis to help us better understand the make-up of our candidate pools and explore strategies to represent and attract those from under-represented groups.

Why did SLR Consulting join WISE?

“We recognise that there is still a disparity in the number of women working in STEM roles and are committed to improving the gender balance across our organisation as well as across our industry. We are thrilled that we able to support WISE and are looking forward to working alongside them; and the wider network; to identify future initiatives to attract, retain, develop and progress our female talent across SLR and the wider STEM sector.”
– Lisa Williams, Regional Talent Manager, Europe

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