Roke Manor Research Limited

Who are Roke Manor Research Limited?

Roke Manor Research Limited is the UK’s leading provider of independent research, development and consultancy services in electronic engineering. We have 60 years of experience behind us and fuel our client’s success with a forward-thinking team that combines some of the finest engineering, scientific and mathematical minds in Britain.

Holding extensive experience in communications systems, sensors, data science and cyber, we collaborate, innovative and successfully apply technologies to benefit our national security, militaries and businesses.

We are trusted by our clients to deliver advantage and protect what matters the most and feel a diverse workforce has been, and continues to be, essential for our ongoing success.

What projects / schemes / initiatives to support women’s recruitment, retention and progression in STEM are Roke Manor Research Limited involved in?

Roke’s engineers take the pure concepts of science and transform them into world-changing applications. Although the proportion of young women studying engineering and physics has remained virtually static since 2012, there are countless amazing career opportunities and inspirational stories of successful women who have had excellent careers – including many here at Roke.

We pride ourselves on being a people-based business, providing flexibility for all and a work-life balance through a range of family-friendly benefits including:

  • A flexible working policy to adapt working hours around business and personal needs
  • Ability to build up time to take off additional leave

Inspiring the next generation of women in engineering, Roke has also been running an annual Women’s Engineering Experience Day since 2011. Local secondary schools are each invited to send ten Year 8 girls for the day where we demonstrate the true nature of engineering – replacing its lingering stereotype of ‘male, pale and stale’ with a vibrant, rewarding and varied career choice for women. The aim is to encourage engineering-focussed GCSE choices to start them on their way and starts off with a presentation on what it means to be a woman working in a high-tech company. After team-building exercises, a tour of the Roke site includes demonstrations and a chance to meet female members of staff. Teams also have a time-pressured engineering challenge in the afternoon, which goes down well with everyone and teachers report back that the “buzz” survives days after the event.

Why did Roke Manor Research Limited join WISE?

“Our aim at Roke Manor Research Limited is to inspire more women to take on a career in engineering, maximising their potential while protecting what matters most. We believe being positive, proactive and wanting to make a difference through WISE is a great way to help shrink the gender gap in technology.”
– Charmain Browning, Head of Employee Engagement and Talent

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