ONYX InSight

Who are ONYX InSight?

ONYX InSight is the global pioneer of predictive maintenance in the on and offshore wind industry.

We offer solutions through a combination of software and services to our customers that enable them to stabilise production, increase efficiency in maintenance, and early detection of failures through predictive maintenance that saves time and money.

With engineering in our DNA, we are continually working to provide cutting-edge solutions to our customers. Our solutions are world-leading, and our management of them, first-class.

A renewable technology organisation, ONYX InSight is headquartered in Nottingham, UK, with offices all over the world.

With over 80 employees globally, we endeavour to recruit the brightest minds. Our current employees consist of a high number of PhDs across the STEM subjects; engineers, mathematicians, physicists, and other central business professionals. We offer a rewarding and ambitious culture with promising rewards.

What projects / schemes / initiatives to support women’s recruitment, retention and progression in STEM are ONYX InSight involved in?

At ONYX InSight our attitude is simple: we encourage diversity in our business, across every aspect. We hire the best people for the job.

We work in renewables.
With the UK targets alone to produce enough offshore wind to power every UK home to 40GW by 2030, the global renewables industry represents a huge and dynamic career opportunity. Our DNA is in renewables, and the opportunities are for everyone, regardless of their gender.

As a high-tech, global growth, innovative company.
We are consistently working to develop and grow our organisation and its people, encompassing our forward-thinking values. We hope to encourage more women into STEM roles within our organisation.

We work with many Universities and our HQ is based on the University of Nottingham, Science and Innovation Park. This enables us to actively promote the benefits of science and engineering careers to the next generation.

Embedding the WISE Ten Steps process within our organisation will be beneficial, showcasing the opportunities for women at ONYX and the contribution they can make to our business. We are keen to post jobs available and encourage our current workforce to join webinars & live events.

We actively engage with recruitment agencies who understand the engineering and technology gender balance and are working internally on developing our strategy.

Why did ONYX InSight join WISE?

“As we embark on our plans for growth in 2021, WISE will help us to continue to address Gender Balance at ONYX InSight. The tools and guidance that WISE provide as part of the membership will play a big part in this.”
– Sophie Thomas, Talent Acquisition Partner

For further details, visit: https://onyxinsight.com/2019/10/24/student-insights-physics-machine-learning-and-the-gender-imbalance-in-engineering/

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