MBH Corporation PLC

Who are MBH Corporation PLC?

MBH Corporation Plc is a global conglomerate of well-established, profitable small and medium sized businesses. MBH is a new style corporation designed to maximise shareholder value by facilitating access to a diverse portfolio of highly motivated, well run, SME’s. The leaders of the business in our group are experienced and innovative entrepreneurs, working together in a collaborative environment to grow their businesses and MBH’s acquisition model ensures that the group is continually bringing new businesses into the fold.

We have a number of different sectors that we refer to as verticals, with construction and engineering being a key vertical in the business, as well as education businesses who are driving recruitment and skill development in many industries including STEM. Together, they are all focused on driving diversity in their businesses and the WISE membership is an important part of our plans.

What projects / schemes / initiatives to support women’s recruitment, retention and progression in STEM are MBH Corporation involved in?

MBH is a wonderfully diverse organisation on many levels – the diversity of the businesses, geographies and importantly our people. Reducing inequalities and growing our businesses are a huge part of ambitions and our culture within MBH Corporation and all the companies in the group is focused on ensuring job creation, skills development, growth and sustainability.

One of the fantastic elements of MBH is our collaborative working, and the construction and engineering companies in the group are working with the education providers to identify routes through schemes such as traineeships, kickstart and apprenticeships to find routes for more girls into industries. Additionally, we have female engineering and construction ambassadors working schools to raise awareness of their experience and careers.

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Gauri Lamb

Why did MBH Corporation join WISE?

“MBH and all the subsidiaries aspire to be welcoming businesses to women from different walks of life. We are working hard towards taking steps to make the careers more accessible for women in Engineering, Construction and technical

Our next focus will be to implement  the WISE Steps in order to help women to excel in the construction industry.

The Construction and building services Industry is predominantly male, as a multi disciplinary corporation, we believe a gender balance can only create a higher performing industry.  

We want to be able to give back to industry by mentoring and inspiring the next generation whether this be graduate, apprentice or school level.”

– Gauri Lamb, Director, du Boulay Contracts Ltd

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