Mace Group

Who are Mace Group?

Mace is an international consultancy and construction company, offering integrated services across the full property and infrastructure life cycle.

Our experts in programme and project management, construction delivery, cost consultancy and facilities management thrive within our collaborative and entrepreneurial culture, constantly striving to find better solutions to complex infrastructure and property challenges.

We continue to grow and expand to better serve customers’ needs across sectors and geographies. Our talented and professional people work from within our customers’ organisations, constantly asking challenging questions and driving value at every turn. We believe it is our relentless passion for finding a better way that helps us to deliver the best projects safely and efficiently, while defining industry best practice.

What projects / schemes / initiatives to support women’s recruitment, retention and progression in STEM are Mace Group involved in?

Mace aims to support equal opportunities in order for people to excel and fulfil their potential. One of its main targets is closing the gender gap, supported by the Mace Women of the Future programme as well as positively influencing the UK construction supply chain, implementing an updated parental policy and process and reviewing our recruitment policies and processes to ensure the very best candidates are selected, and the pool of female applicants grows.

Mace thinks it’s vitally important to employ a diverse work force and offer equal opportunities to all employees. To bridge the gender gap, the company works hard to encourage women to join the industry, develop their careers and also remain in the industry for the long term.

Having a diverse and integrated work force benefits the company and its company culture, drawing on different skills and personalities that foster new ways of thinking and reach out to a wider range of customers. By joining WISE, Mace hopes that more women will see the company and industry as an attractive career path so that both parties can benefit in a rewarding environment.

In their 2015 annual report, Tracey Locke, HR Director at Mace, said: “This was another great year for us in terms of attracting, retaining and developing the industry’s top talent. In 2015 we launched our Mace Women of the Future programme, which gives our future female leaders access to mentoring, training and tailored events. This programme is a central part of our gender diversity strategy and is delivered in partnership with WISE and the Everywoman network.”

Why did Mace Group join WISE?

Mace has joined WISE in order to take part in networking, training and speaking opportunities as well as corporate opportunities to share best practice with other science, technology, engineering and manufacturing (STEM) employers.

Mace will also continue to use rigorous talent attraction initiatives, including careers fairs as well as interviews and assessment centres in order to select the best candidates and secure higher numbers of female applicants.

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