Who are LGC?

LGC is an international leader in the extended life sciences sector, including human healthcare, agri-food and the environment. LGC provides a comprehensive range of reference materials, proficiency testing schemes, genomics reagents and instrumentation, as well as research and measurement services. Our scientific tools and solutions enable organisations to advance research, develop new products and form an essential part of their quality and compliance procedures. Our 2,400 employees include internationally-recognised scientists who are experts in their field.

Headquartered in London, we operate out of 19 countries worldwide. LGC has been home to the UK Government Chemist for more than 100 years and is the UK National Measurement Laboratory and Designated Institute for chemical and bio-measurement.

What projects / schemes / initiatives to support women’s recruitment, retention and progression in STEM are LGC involved involved in?

Seeking out new talent
At LGC we are committed to attracting and recruiting the next generation of scientists. We regularly participate in STEM activities which are aimed at teaching critical thinking skills and encouraging an interest in science-based fields. Our aim is to engage younger generations to pursue a career in science and grow our future pool of talent.

Developing our talent
We focus on ensuring there is no bias in the hiring, promotion, development and retention of our employees. The scientific excellence of our colleagues underpins our ambitious growth plans and the ability to bring innovation to the market. Through our talent development programme we aim to provide high potential employees with the skills and opportunities to become our leaders of the future.

Why did LGC join WISE?

“LGC has joined WISE because we are always keen to support the sciences and find new opportunities to grow our organisation. We are committed to diversity and inclusion and look forward to both supporting and learning from the WISE community.”
– Dr David Griffiths, Managing Director, Pharma & Health Solutions

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