Who are Jacobs?

At Jacobs, our focus on building long-term client relationships has helped us become one of the largest and most diverse companies in our industry. Today, our more than 54,000 employees around the world provide a broad range of technical services to our industrial, commercial and government clients in multiple industries.

Our global network includes more than 230 offices with operations in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, India, Australia, Africa, and Asia. With 2016 revenues of nearly $11 billion, we offer full-spectrum support to industrial, commercial, and government clients. Services include scientific and specialty consulting, as well as all aspects of engineering, architecture, construction, program & construction management, and operations & maintenance.

More than 90 percent of our work is repeat business. That commitment to client value and partnership produces consistent cost advantages, profits and growth, allowing us to attract and retain the industry’s top talent. Our strict dedication to Safety and uncompromising Ethics & Integrity create a work environment that promotes employee progress and helps grow our business.

We can tangibly measure the value we bring to clients every day — wherever in the world they may be, in any industry or technical discipline. In fact, in FY2016 we produced more than $7.79 billion in client savings through our JacobsValue+ program, a record achievement.

Jacobs is listed in the S&P 500 stock market index, and traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol JEC. Our headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas.

What projects / schemes / initiatives to support women’s recruitment, retention and progression in STEM are Jacobs involved in?

Jacobs have a worldwide dedicated support network for Women in STEM careers.

The concept of the Jacobs Women’s Network (JWN) was created in June 2014 based on interest expressed on a survey sent to all Jacobs’ female employees throughout the whole of the USA & Canada. In May 2015 a new survey was sent out to 1700 women to gauge interest in our local UK & Ireland region. The response was overwhelming and highlighted a real need for the network and identified similar trends of thought throughout the country.

Key themes were:

  • Increasing the number of women in senior/leadership roles
  • Attracting and retaining more women to the engineering and construction industry
  • Work life balance and re-entry into the workplace after children for both women and men
  • Equal career development and opportunities
  • Networking and idea sharing events
  • Equal pay
  • Sexual harassment

Since the USA launch in June 2014, we already have representation in 12 countries. We have gained strong support and encouragement from a wide range of business leaders and have successfully appointed an executive sponsor – Bob Pragada, President of Buildings and Infrastructure

The Jacobs’ Women’s Network (JWN) is a professional career development and social network dedicated to empowering female professionals.

Our Vision is to have equal representation of women and men at all levels in Jacobs “Equality does not imply that women and men are the same, but that they have equal value and should be accorded equal treatment” – Cambridge Business English Dictionary Cambridge © UniversityPress.

Our Mission:

  • Elevate and promote talent
  • Broaden access to opportunities
  • Create a Global networking platform
  • Identify and address barriers to career progression for women

Diversity Statement
We actively promote diversity in our network and believe that women and men together are integral to achieving a more balanced, innovative and productive workforce.

Inclusion Statement
We believe that a women’s network alone is not enough to generate change. Therefore we work collaboratively with the Inclusion Network, BeyondZero Committee, Futures Network, Next Network and Colours Network to realise our collective goals.

Why did Jacobs join WISE?

“Inclusion and diversity is woven into the Jacobs core value that people are at the heart of our business, and recognise that harnessing the views and experiences of many people is integral to achieving the imperative of developing an innovative culture, and driving delivery excellence. WISE provides additional support to help us nurture and grow the talent of women at all levels within our organisation and industry.”
– Pete Lutwyche, Senior Vice President and General Manger, Aerospace and Technology

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