Exploristics Limited

Who are Exploristics?

Exploristics provides world-class analytics and specialised software and services to the pharmaceutical, life sciences and healthcare sectors. We have extensive experience supporting clinical development projects in the fields of clinical trials, personalized medicine, real-world data, medical devices and software/application development. Founded in Belfast in 2009, we have been delivering innovative analytics solutions for over 10 years now. Almost all our staff have degrees in STEM subjects and over half also hold STEM PhDs, with most having extensive experience working in the life sciences and clinical trials arena. This in-depth knowledge of the challenges of life science research, means that Exploristics can offer innovative approaches and a fresh perspective to biostatistics support for clinical development programmes.

Our extensive experience in these sectors supporting the development of medicines and medical technologies, gives us keen insight into the best statistical approaches for understanding and exploiting clinical data. We offer a creative, customer-focused culture supported by standards and processes that ensure quality whilst enabling innovation. This combination makes us the ideal partner for the provision of knowledge-based, flexible and innovative study design and data analysis capabilities for life sciences. Our teams of knowledgeable statisticians, programmers and software developers add value to clinical development programmes by getting involved at the earliest planning stages to ensure that projects are driven by evidence-based decision-making from inception to completion. We believe that clinical studies are more insightful, successful and efficient at delivering new medical interventions to those in need when designed with sound statistics at their core.

What projects / schemes / initiatives to support women’s recruitment, retention and progression in STEM are Exploristics involved in?

Exploristics values the different perspectives and ideas that come from employing a diverse team. To attract and retain a good talent balance, we support a programme of personal development, providing regular access to workshops/courses so individuals can extend their skills and fulfil career goals. To continue our progress in promoting workplace equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), we employ continual self-assessment, target-setting and review, guided by Northern Ireland’s Diversity Charter. This means we can benchmark ourselves internally and against other best-in-class organisations year-on-year and track the progress of our EDI programme. In recognition of our EDI commitment, we were awarded the Bronze Northern Ireland’s Diversity Charter Mark in 2019.

Currently, Exploristics has a good gender balance across the company. We are proud to have a 3:2 ratio of women to men employed in STEM roles such as Statisticians, Statistical Programmers and Data Scientists. At a management level, women also outnumber men. However, we recognise that there is still room for more diverse recruitment and increased support for female staff into more senior management positions, perhaps via mentoring. Therefore, Exploristics has joined WISE to support our ongoing diversity and inclusion journey and our sponsorship of STEM. As a strong advocate of the benefits of a STEM career, we seek to reach further into our community and work more closely with local schools to break down common STEM-associated stereotypes with our STEM Ambassadors. We hope that in partnership with WISE, Exploristics can contribute tangible and diverse STEM role models for the next generation.

Why did Exploristics join WISE?

“Exploristics joined WISE to strengthen our outreach programme with invaluable resources for staff support and to gain ongoing guidance ensuring continuous improvement in our EDI attainment in the workplace as part of a network of businesses who share a similar vision.”
– Frances Denny, Business Operations Manager, Exploristics.

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