Carnot Ltd

Who are Carnot Ltd?

Co-founded in 2019 by entrepreneurs Archie Watts-Farmer, Francis Lempp and Nadiur Rahman, CARNOT is developing game-changing power units with twice the efficiency, half the fuel consumption & zero CO2 emissions.

Currently large/long-haul applications, responsible for 50% of global transport CO2 emissions, have no alternatives to diesel engines. For 130 years, engines have wasted a third of fuel energy to cooling systems. CARNOT have eliminated this wasted energy by re-thinking, re-designing and revolutionising the internal combustion engine to bring it into the 21st Century. The off-grid energy and long-haul transport sectors, unregulated until the last decade, must be net zero by 2050 and battery technology is unsuitable due to cost and weight.

Hydrogen technology is considered to be the only viable solution to decarbonising these sectors. CARNOT power units will have greater efficiency, lower total cost of ownership and greater range, reliability and durability than fuel cells. They are the key to unlocking a hydrogen future while minimising the impact to supply chains.

What projects / schemes / initiatives to support women’s recruitment, retention and progression in STEM are Carnot Ltd involved in?

We are currently midway through our Innovate UK project to develop a low carbon energy solution for Sub-Saharan Africa.

We’ve partnered with the Ethiopian Institute of Technology-Mekelle University who are undertaking a business strategy feasibility study. There is gender-specific energy-needs and different perceptions of energy-benefits. Women/girls are often primarily responsible for collecting biomass-fuel at community level which does not feature heavily in national energy policies. Thus, the female insight into energy policies is often overlooked and under-valued. Gender stereotypes often lead to women being excluded from discussions about energy plans/policies, resulting in the gender-blind energy planning of policies, financing and execution.

During the project, direct beneficiaries will be staff/partners and females in rural-communities. Indirect beneficiaries are Ethiopian women and youth. For staff there will be increased gender/social-inclusion awareness for staff and more female colleagues. A strategy is being developed for the best way to increase women empowerment through improved energy access. Reducing time spent collecting biomass will lead to more time for self-nurturing activities. By interviewing females/minority classes, we will give them a voice in plans/polices. A feasibility study is underway carried to access how an education programme could be set up around the CARNOT technology, thus leading to increased opportunities for female education.

Through studies, data taken on gender-specific issues within rural Ethiopian communities will be available for other companies to learn from/build gender mainstreamed programs. Our plan is to create an education program for youth/women orientated around our technology, increasing females in higher education. We are hosting a yearly seminar on gender equality/social inclusion awareness in the workplace, giving equal opportunity for females to apply as engineers.

Why did Carnot Ltd join WISE?

“Only 11% of Engineers in the UK are female and the symptoms are clear to see as the UK is experiencing a growing skills shortage amongst STEM workers. We recognise the advantages of having a diverse workforce and we want to take it upon ourselves to work harder to encourage people across all genders to identify that engineering is the most exciting career path there is!”
-Nadiur Rahman, Head of Operations

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