British Gypsum

Who are British Gypsum?

We’re proud to be part of the construction industry – a sector that positively impacts every single person in our country. Because working together, our high performance drylining systems can help us to build better communities for today and tomorrow. Better Homes, better workplaces, better spaces to rest and play.

We do this through our commitment to three core values. We care about building a positive legacy for current and future generations. We’re pioneering in finding new ways of turning our client’s aspirations into buildings that enhance communities. We share our unparalleled collective know-how and expertise with the industry.

At British Gypsum we challenge ourselves to be recognised by all our colleagues and communities as a great place to work. We are a business that has great foundations, that is trusted and has talented people who are inspired to deliver the best products and services for our customers.

This is important now and for the future to enable us attract, develop and retain the best talent drawn from across all our communities.

We’ll need to evolve with this and will need a diverse range of skills and capabilities, and what we can offer is career opportunities and choices, through challenge, support and development – we will help everyone to become the best version of themselves.

What projects / schemes / initiatives to support women’s recruitment, retention and progression in STEM are British Gypsum involved in?

We are a trusted and Company that is over 100 years old and we have some great reasons to be proud, we have a great reputation and we have a really highly committed and skilful workforce.

We have already worked to increase the number of women in STEM sectors with its events for students, the STEM Ambassador programme and placements to join female colleagues already working in the company.

We understand what our gaps are and, more importantly, why we have them. These include attracting more females through our recruitment campaigns, we are providing all our hiring managers with unconscious bias training and increasing our flexible working offer to provide a greater breadth of opportunity for people regardless of background or circumstances.

We have work to do on making our workplaces more inclusive and ensuring are female colleagues feel valued, but we’re proud to be taking positive steps forward.

Why did British Gypsum join WISE?

“One of our key priorities is to advance and enrich our business organisation in terms of diversity and inclusion. We want to attract new colleagues with new capabilities, skills and backgrounds who will provide us with a wealth of new ideas and ways of doing things and who will add something new to our capability.”

– David McGarry, Human Resources Director, British Gypsum and Saint-Gobain Manufacturing

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