Who are Bechtel?

Bechtel is among the most respected engineering, project management, and construction companies in the world. We have worked on more than 23,000 projects in 140 countries on all seven continents. The reliability of our performance, the enduring quality of our projects, the strength of our ethics, and the seriousness of our commitment to safety and sustainability are evident in everything we do.

In London, where our civil engineering business is headquartered, we have been involved with some of the most exciting infrastructure projects ever undertaken in the UK including the Channel Tunnel, High Speed 1, West Coast Route Modernisation, London Underground upgrades and the Jubilee Line Extension. We are currently engaged as Crossrail’s delivery partner providing engineering, construction management, procurement and sustainable development services as part of integrated management teams with Crossrail Ltd and Network Rail.

What projects / schemes / initiatives to support women’s recruitment, retention and progression in STEM are Bechtel involved in?

At Bechtel we believe that inclusivity is critical to the long term success of any business.

One area of particular importance is the need to combat unconscious bias, an instinctive tendency to favour the kinds of people we are familiar with, rather than objectively to judge an individual’s capabilities.In order to combat this instinctive reaction, we have been rolling out unconscious bias training across our sites and offices around the world.The training programme aims to help people at all levels of seniority to reflect on their existing biases.

Our international working group for diversity and inclusivity is made up of representatives of various minority backgrounds and groups, reflecting the diversity of the markets we serve.Critically, the members of this working group are of various levels of seniority, ranging from graduates to senior management.The aim of this working group is to support the development of an inclusive work environment where all employees can reach their potential.This includes the development of a framework, with appropriate tools, training and processes, for an inclusive environment, as well as tracking metrics for progress driving equality, diversity and inclusion.

More specifically with respect to gender equality, we have been actively engaged with a number of initiatives to encourage women to take up engineering.With the predicted shortfall of 35,000 engineers in the UK by 2050, the industry needs women engineers as much as men.As part of this engagement, we have signed up to the WISE campaign to support attraction and retention of women in science and engineering. Together with our in-house diversity programmes, we hope this will help reach the WISE goal to ensure that 30% of the UK’s STEM workforce is female by the year 2020.

Where we stand currently in Bechtel:

  • Women make up 25% of our global, non-manual workforce.
  • Women comprise approx.30% of our U.S. college hires, where market supply is significantly lower (18%)
  • Last year the number of women reaching senior level (PVP+) grew by 20%.
  • 2,600+ women are working in field assignments globally across Bechtel

Why did Bechtel join WISE?

“We are proud to support the WISE campaign because at Bechtel we believe diversity is a business imperative.Diverse teams foster different types of thinking and offer different insights into analyzing problems.Simply put, diverse and inclusive teams produce better results.”
– Ailie MacAdam, Bechtel, Managing Director Rail (Global)

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