BBC News

Who are BBC News?

We are the team that’s building the future of the BBC, whilst delivering TV, radio and online services to millions of people worldwide every day.

As well as being the people behind iPlayer and the News, Sports and Children’s services, we develop, support and maintain the systems and infrastructure that keeps the BBC on air and are responsible for the biggest British-run digital service in the world. In D+E, we work on unique challenges, hand in hand with the best creative minds in the UK..

We offer challenging work but with the time to think and do things right. We uphold a near 100 year history of invention and innovation in the BBC by welcoming and developing people of all backgrounds.

BBC D+E make some of the most well-known, popular and high-quality online products and services in the world and the statistics speak for themselves:

  • is the biggest UK based website globally
  • The BBC Sports App is the most downloaded sports app in Europe
  • BBC Online & Red Button reaches 31m people every week
  • BBC is the most shared Twitter publisher in the world

What projects / schemes / initiatives to support women’s recruitment, retention and progression in STEM are BBC News involved in?

Our projects focus on attracting and recruiting more women into technical, creative and business operational jobs within BBC Design and Engineering. We run regular meetups and women in technology conferences and support events like Over the Air and Silicon Milkroundabout that are strong on gender balance. On the recruitment front, we’ve been testing blind auditioning instead of conventional (some may say biased) CV screening, proactively matching and inviting event attendees to apply to open roles, running unconscious bias training for all staff and running social media campaigns.

We’re also focusing on enhancing our inclusive culture by creating more opportunities for people to share their work in a friendly environment, promoting flexible working and making sure everyone is trained on issues like gender stereotyping and micro inequities. The BBC offers leadership training opportunities targeting women specifically, which we are looking to extend. We believe that we have a duty to inform and educate school aged girls about STEM careers so we run outreach events with partners and many of our staff work with schools, colleges and universities to encourage more girls into STEM.

We continuously work to update business practices like on-boarding so that we can be as gender friendly as possible as well as signing up to the WISE Ten Steps scheme. At the BBC, employees are our ambassadors. This is why we believe it’s important that everyone feels included, united and encouraged to contribute. We have a number of female led networks available that we encourage membership of; Women in STEM, Global Women in News Global and BBC Women which all focus on the common goal of gender equality and inclusivity.

Why did BBC News join WISE?

“The BBC is for everyone. Our content and output serves an increasingly diverse audience. Our most innovative ideas and digital products come from the thoughts of a diverse range of people across the BBC and it’s our people that make that difference. That’s why we believe it’s critical that women are more fairly represented in all our teams and that the BBC is a place where they can come and do their best work. We are proud to be WISE Campaign members and welcome more women into the BBC.”
– Matthew Postgate, Chief Technology and Product Officer

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