BAM Nuttall Ltd

Who are BAM Nuttal Ltd?

BAM Nuttall is driven by a desire to deliver outcomes for clients and their customers, in a way that modernises the industry. We use digital engineering, a net zero carbon approach, placing sustainability and great people, at the heart of our organisation. We strive to enhance the lives of our people and those in the communities we work. We want to create an industry in which anyone can succeed.

Our purpose: Building a Sustainable Tomorrow

A great place to work: We create environments where everyone can make their unique contribution. They can progress, realise their potential and excel. Great leadership is visible at all levels and inspires individuals to take responsibility. People are happy to be held to account. We celebrate the health and wellbeing of our people, and in turn they assure the success of our business.

People supported to be their best: Our values drive our behaviours and that includes within inclusion.

Predictable Performance: We mean what we say and we do what we say. We take responsibility for the long-term impact of our actions.

Proactive Ownership: We never stop wanting to do things better. We take the initiative to prevent problems and deliver quality

Open Collaboration: We actively seek and value the input of everyone. We share knowledge cross-industry so everyone gains and we listen to the input of experts.

Scalable Learning: We care for others as individuals. We ask, listen and learn, and transfer learning from project to project to keep finding better ways of doing things


What projects / schemes / initiatives to support women’s recruitment, retention and progression in STEM are BAM Nuttal Ltd involved in?

WISE@BAM: Our gender diversity people network is WISE@BAM, where our regular members meet to share experiences, suggest ideas for improvement, and to ensure the business is capturing the voices of our people. Our strategic partnership membership with WISE includes several practical interventions of support, drawing on their years of knowledge and industry expertise. We run regular strategy road-map workshops tailored to our different sectors, leaders briefings, and training.

Our gender diversity objectives include:

  • Improve retention of women across the business
  • Promote the visibility of women within our industry
  • Prioritise development of personal and professional growth
  • Remove unnecessary barriers to entry and progression
  • Encourage inclusive behaviours and language 
  • Create an environment of meritocracy

BAM Nuttall have several key focus areas to improve gender representation at all levels including:

  • Highlighting personal achievements of our successful women and promoting role models of all levels and disciplines
  • Promoting our flexible working policy and sharing good practice
  • Providing a support network for line managers and employees
  • Reviewing and further improving maternity and shared parental leave
  • Supporting National Women in Engineering day and other UK celebration days
  • Working to improve women’s PPE, welfare standards and facilities
  • Ensure our attraction, recruitment, and retention activities are as inclusive as possible


Why did BAM Nuttal Ltd join WISE?

“BAM Nuttall are committed to improving diversity and inclusion across the board. The values of WISE mirror our own and have worked with them for many years, becoming Strategic Partners in 2020. Our long-standing relationship with WISE has positively influenced our business ambitions and plans, supporting gender equality, and implementing the Ten Steps model. We value innovation and sustainable solutions and believe success in these areas is rooted in diversity. Our industry and other STEM businesses all face similar issues within ED&I. The WISE partnership facilitates collaboration with industry partners which allows us to build a more inclusive, higher-performing sector and accelerate change – together.”

– Ian Parish, Managing Director, BAM Nuttal 

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