Who are Arctoris?

Arctoris is a technology company headquartered in Oxford, with its Asia-Pacific operations based in Singapore. Arctoris developed and operates Ulysses, its fully automated biomedical research platform, combining robotics and AI to accelerate the drug discovery process. Trusted by biotech companies, pharmaceutical corporations and academic centres on three continents, Arctoris provides 24/7 access to advanced research capabilities – increasing accuracy, transparency, quality, and speed of drug discovery. With Arctoris, drug discovery programmes move faster from initial idea to clinical testing – bringing new and better treatments to those in need.

What projects / schemes / initiatives to support women’s recruitment, retention and progression in STEM are Arctoris involved in?

Arctoris is committed to a fair, equitable, and diverse workplace. The company’s Code of Conduct is built on the principles of non-discrimination, providing equal opportunities for hire, promotion, and growth. Recognising existing inequities in the national and international workforce in general, Arctoris strives to increase the percentage of employees identifying as women, people of colour, and other under-represented groups in its workforce and leadership team.

As part of that commitment, Arctoris’ HR policy contains several provisions ensuring among others equal pay and actively searching for and contacting suitable candidates currently under-represented in Arctoris, encouraging them to apply to openings. Within the workplace, Arctoris fosters an inclusive and supportive environment and actively encourages individuality and personal development.

Dr Martin-Immanuel Bittner, (CEO), & Thomas A. Fleming, (COO),: “Arctoris supports WISE for three main reasons. Firstly, it aligns with our values and those we want to build into the fabric of our company – it is simply the right thing to do. Secondly, equal representation of women in science, engineering, technology and other areas is an important opportunity for companies, even industries, to benefit from a wider breadth in thought and perspective.

Finally, a diverse and inclusive workplace is a happier, smarter and more productive, resilient and innovative workplace. Which is why at Arctoris, we continue to strive for equality, diversity and inclusion in all that we do.”

Why did Arctoris join WISE?

“I have always been passionate about supporting women in STEM and I am fortunate to work for a company which shares these values. I hope that WISE will help us as we continue on this path, and that as we grow, we can give back to the WISE community.”
– Dr Alice Poppy Roworth, (Head of Laboratory)

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