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Internal Communications

Internal Communications


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Members Knowledge Sharing Events

15th March - MACE, London

27th April - Host and venue to be confirmed

May (date TBC)

23rd June - Venue to be confirmed

July(date TBC)- hosted by Aimia in London

14th September - hosted by British Gas in Leicester

October(date TBC)

December (date TBC)

Create Your Future workshops

10 March Hull College
Lead – Shagufta/ Fay



CIHT Routes to Diversity
Lead – Helen

People like me 

1 March - Training in Leeds
Lead - Ruth Farenga / Shagufta 

TAC Apprentices: Accessing untapped talent
Lead – Shagufta

Ten Steps Lead – Suzy

WISE Young Women's Board (WYWB)
Lead – Sarah

Career Development Programme

21 April - Manchester

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w/c November 23 - Member mailing about KSE's

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Board Meeting - 28 April 2016

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Events - Where possible client or team member to Upload event on website themselves

Funding Requests - Direct to page on website

Training - Contact lead person:

  • Skills4 Career Development and Returners' programmes
    - Strategy - Suzy
    - Coordinator - Tamsin
  • Lefevre Media Training
    - Shagufta

General course dates/information request - Take details of interest and send to Suzy

Role models and speakers for events - WISE members - Ruth

Role Models and speakers for events - Non WISE Members - refer to Stemnet

Invites for WISE to attend events that you can't accept - Sarah to pass to WYWB

Website and blog content – Tamsin

Focus on Talent newsletter – Tamsin

Monthly WISE newsletter - Tamsin

Social media content - Tamsin

Membership leads - Lynne

New business leads - Lynne

Consultancy leads - Suzy

Mass communication with members – Sarah

Internal communications - Sarah

Job adverts - Tamsin

PR – Shagufta

Media enquiries – Sarah

Finance and invoices - Kristie

Adding people to the email marketing database - Ruth

Travel and hotels - Annemarie

Eventbrite - Ruth

New WISE CRM system – Karen

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