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Role Models

Positive female role models are important if we are to transform some of the preconceptions that the public, young girls, their teachers and parents have about who becomes a scientist, technologist, engineer or mathematician.

Could this be you? Become a role model with WISE and it will give you the opportunity to not only raise your own profile but also inspire more women and girls into STEM careers. Become a WISE member now to have access to these opportunities and make a real difference in the world of STEM.

Stephanie Newman, Rolls-Royce PLC

Stephanie Newman - WISE Young Women's Board 2015/16

Airframe Integration Manager, Rolls-Royce PLC

Emma Thomas, WISE Young Women's Board

Emma Thomas - WISE Young Women's Board 2015/16

Analyst at Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA)

Kathryn Grant

Kathryn Grant - WISE Young Women's Board 2015/16

Process Manager at British Sugar

Jess Wade

Jess Wade - WISE Young Women's Board 2015/16

Final year PhD student in the Department of Physics and Centre for Plastic Electronics at Imperial College London.

Elaine Dalgarno

Elaine Dalgarno - WISE Young Women's Board 2015/16

Structural Engineer at Atkins working in the Offshore Oil and Gas industry

Zipporah Stephen

Zipporah Stephen - WISE Young Women's Board 2015/16

Business Analyst in IT at Intel Corporation

Siobhán O’Connor

Siobhán O’Connor: a career in health technology

14 December 2015

“The best thing about working in tech is you can apply it anywhere!”

Eleanor Rowan

Eleanor Rowan

26 November 2015

Being a role model at the Create Your Future event was a really rewarding experience and I’ll definitely be volunteering again!

Kerry Hebden

Dr Kerry Hebden: Discouragement didn't put me off pursuing my love for science

1 October 2015

When I read about other people’s route into science & technology, I am always impressed that most people had a single-minded objective to pursue science and technology from a young age.

Dr Sally Day, Senior Lecturer, UCL Engineering

Dr Sally Day: 'a delicate phase of matter'

23 September 2015

I come from a family of scientists, so perhaps Engineering was in my blood, but I can also credit a couple of Physics teachers for my eventual degree choice.

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