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Toktan Tabibi

Toktan Tabibi

Shortlisted for the WISE Girl Award 2015

12 November 2015

Toktan Tabibi, student, Stockley Academy

In 2013, Toktan moved to the UK from the Netherlands, and began studying at Stockley Academy. As well as having to adapt to a new education system, Toktan also had to quickly develop her English language skills and make up for missing out on Year 10. She was initially placed in the bottom sets but, within a matter of months, had worked her way up to the top sets, and began helping some of her classmates with their studies. She went on to achieve the highest GCSE Maths and science grades in her year. Toktan, 17, says: “It made me realise that everything is possible if you try hard enough and never give up.” The Vice Principal, John Campbell, of Stockley Academy adds: “Toktan is an outstanding student and really inspires the other students.”

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