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Stephany Baladas

Stephany Baladas

Winner of the WISE Girl Award 2015

12 November 2015

Stephany Baladas, Assistant Clinical Technologist Apprentice, King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Stephany, 18, has always loved science and, since beginning her apprenticeship in September 2014, has flourished from a very shy young woman to a mature, confident one. Her placement supervisors have been delighted with how she is able to apply scientific theory to application, while trainers on a medical device management module were astounded when Stephany achieved higher scores than experienced engineers taking the course alongside her. She has worked in various departments, including in medical equipment management, where she cleaned, safety-checked and repaired equipment. Stephany has assisted with several careers fairs and events, and has actively encouraged others - particularly girls from ethnic backgrounds - to undertake healthcare science-based apprenticeships. She says: “People don't know about the range of careers in healthcare science. Hospitals are not just about doctors and nurses.”

The judges were impressed with all of these incredible young people and they particularly loved the winner’s ideas about influencing teachers, parents and children.

On winning the award, Stephany said, "As much as I am thrilled and excited at winning this award and it being presented by Her Royal Highness the Princess, I am also happy that in getting this award I would be an inspiration to the future women in science and technology."

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