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Sharon Peacock

Sharon Peacock

Shortlisted for the WISE Research Award 2015

12 November 2015

Sharon Peacock, Director, Bloomsbury Research Institute

Sharon has gained global recognition as an academic clinical microbiologist who combines scientific training with knowledge of clinical medicine to help improve public health on a national and global level. Her research focuses on the use of microbial genome sequencing in diagnostic and public health microbiology, which has the potential to boost the detection, tracking and control of infectious disease outbreaks, and to inform antimicrobial prescribing.

As Director of the new £54m Bloomsbury Research Institute in London, Sharon will set the vision, values and gender balance, bringing together over 200 leading scientists to prevent and control infectious diseases. A public engagement space will bring local schools and youth groups into the building. Having left school at 16 with two GCSEs in science subjects, Sharon’s passion lies with inspiring young people and giving them opportunities that lead to a long-term career in STEM subjects. “There is an on-going need to help girls to recognise their potential, and to spark their interest in science beyond the school curriculum. Scientific institutes can play an important role in this process by inviting young people to hear about cutting-edge science that has the potential to change lives. The Bloomsbury Research Institute is ideally placed to provide inspirational role models and accessible knowledge on the latest infectious diseases research.”

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