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Sarah Horgan

Sarah Horgan

Shortlisted for the WISE Girl Award 2015

12 November 2015

Sarah Horgan, student, Sir Charles Kao UTC

Sarah, 15, is one of the most talented students at the Sir Charles Kao University Technical College. Focused on her ambition to study Computing with Maths at the MIT, Sarah is working extremely hard both in and out of lessons to ensure her success. She has always had a keen interest in STEM subjects, having asked for her first computer at the age of two. At school, Sarah uses her passion for maths and sciences to help classmates with their learning, and promotes these subjects to prospective students. She has also used her skills at home to help her grandmother who is severely sight and hearing impaired. Sarah’s ultimate aim is to own a games design house. She says: “Technology is constantly moving forward and it’s going to be even more amazing than it already is.”

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