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Margaret (Mandy) MacLean

Margaret (Mandy) MacLean

Shortlisted for the WISE Research Award 2015

12 November 2015

Margaret (Mandy) MacLean, Professor of Pulmonary Pharmacology, University of Glasgow

Mandy always loved biology at school but came to love pharmacology at University. Mandy’s cutting edge research into the devastating disease pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) has made her an international leader in the field. Recently she is investigating why PAH affects four times more women than men. She showed that oestrogen has a big impact and clinical trials are now underway in the use of inhibitors of oestrogen synthesis - used in the treatment of breast cancer - for PAH. She has convinced others in her field of the importance of studying female models of the disease.

Mandy wants more women to have the confidence to apply for promotion, as figures show that 60 to 70% of PhD students and postdoctoral researchers in science are women, but fewer than 20% move to senior academic positions. She also says: “I think it is important that women in senior research and decision-making roles are high profile to encourage women to apply for such positions. Having raised two children on my own, I know that having a family is no barrier to doing well in science.”

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