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Aiming for a better gender balance

Published on 4 September 2015

At Sky, we know a more diverse workforce will help us create a better business. To help achieve this we have launched our Women in Leadership programme.

Network Rail aims to get thousands more girls interested in engineering

Published on 27 August 2015

Network Rail drive aims to attract girls to engineering jobs after a focus group revealed that girls as young as 7 feel it isn’t an option.

What to do after those GCSE results

Published on 18 August 2015

Kristie Milner, who has urged other young people to consider alternative education options when they get their GCSEs. She is currently studying for an accounting qualification, while also working as a finance officer

2015 edition of the CIO 100

Published on 14 August 2015

The CIO 100 recognises the leading CIOs in the UK that have a central role in modernising and driving business change in their organisations. It is compiled each year to showcase the achievements and ambitions of 100 business and technology executives leading transformation across a diverse range of markets.

Special event in York to switch girls on to careers as railway engineers

Published on 10 August 2015

NETWORK Rail is planning to open the doors of its state-of-the-art operations and training centre in York to local schoolgirls as part of a drive to encourage more female engineers.

Research highlights STEM gender gap

Published on 10 August 2015

A new survey from British Gas has revealed that almost half of young women (48 per cent) do not consider working in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) sectors when planning their future careers.

11-14 year old girls immersed in week-long engineering summer school

Published on 29 July 2015

Imperial College London. The summer school covered all Departments within the Faculty of Engineering, highlighting the breadth of opportunities engineering offers students.

Forget hardhats: engineering is about creativity, knowledge and relationships

Published on 16 July 2015

Najwa Jawahar, WSP | Parson Brinckerhoff structural engineer, discusses why she is encouraging more women to follow in her footsteps

How Firing Tim Hunt Fixed Sexism in Science

Published on 3 July 2015

UCL have yet again been at the forefront of scientific discovery. This time, senior academics have realised that if you force the resignation of one self-declared chauvinist who has, not for the first time, indicated that he believes men and women are different in science, then you can eradicate sexism in science.

University of Bath National Women in Engineering Event

Published on 1 July 2015

The girls participated in a morning programme of experiments, demonstrations and hands-on engineering experience with postgraduates and academics from the Faculty of Engineering and Design.

Young railway engineer Louise Bungay makes her mark in the battle of the sexes

Published on 27 June 2015

The 25-year-old is one of Wales’ handful of female railway engineers. The role remains overwhelmingly dominated by men.

Anglian Water aims to inspire a new generation for Women in Engineering Day

Published on 26 June 2015

Young engineers of the future were put through their paces in Northamptonshire this week as part of Women in Engineering Day.

Breaking down the barriers for women: If we don’t, who will? – Saphina Sharif, Business Planning Manager for Atkins

Published on 24 June 2015

Saphina Sharif is the business planning manager for Atkins’ design & engineering division who started her career at Atkins 14 years ago as a civil engineering graduate, and has spent a significant proportion of this working on construction sites and within client teams.

HFCA Announced as National Flagship School

Published on 24 June 2015

The Academy has become the first secondary school in the UK to form a partnership with WISE, as part of their commitment to raising the aspirations of girls and increasing their participation in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

National Women in Engineering Day: Stereotypes are creating a huge skills gap in the UK's engineering sector

Published on 23 June 2015

Article by Roma Agrawal, structural engineer for WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff. National Women in Engineering Day isn’t just a celebration. It’s a landmark opportunity to draw attention to a critical economic factor that can no longer be ignored: women need to fill an ever-growing engineering skills gap.

Britain failing to build bridges with women

Published on 22 June 2015

Figures compiled by the Institution of Civil Engineers show that below 10 per cent of engineers in the UK are women, which compares unfavourably with Bulgaria, where almost a third of the country’s bridge and roadbuilders are women.

UK needs over one million new engineers and technicians, says Royal Academy of Engineering

Published on 22 June 2015

With women accounting for less than 10 per cent of the sector's workforce, Katie Grant reports on efforts to win over schoolgirls

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