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Career Tips For Women In STEM

Tech Role Models Global Campaign – We want to see you

Published on 5 August 2016

This social media campaign aims at creating greater visibility for women around the globe; encouraging women in tech to step forward as role models and inspire the current and next generation of women. #GettingMoreWomenIntoTech

The Intersection Between Women in Business and Women in STEM (And Why We Should Join Hands)

Published on 17 May 2016

Women in STEM and women in business have much to offer each other. The low prevalence of women in both fields indicate that something is amiss in our STEM and business environments.

Network and hustle: the key skills for women in technology

Published on 31 March 2016

We ran a live chat about how to get more women working in tech. Here’s a roundup of the best tips from our expert panellists.

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