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Submarine designer star of science festival

Published on 28 May 2016

Lucy Collins says she is passionate about seeing more girls pursuing careers in science and the skills they need are those they start developing in school.

Apprenticeships could be a game-changer for the UK techs skills landscape

Published on 25 May 2016

Apprenticeships could make a big difference to tackling the tech skills gap in the UK. That was the message Tech Partnership Company’s Director of Strategy Margaret Sambell presented in a Q&A with IT Portal this month.

Women in construction and engineering celebrated at lavish awards ceremony

Published on 25 May 2016

The finalists of the European Women in Construction & Engineering Awards came together last week to celebrate female role models within these sectors.

Submarine engineer campaigns for a million more female scientists

Published on 23 May 2016

Lucy Collins, 29, has an ambitious aim: to get one million more women into science and technology careers by 2020. A naval architect at the Ministry of Defence, she has been appointed Chair of the Young Women’s Board of WISE (Women in Science and Engineering).


Published on 20 May 2016

Gillian Arnold, Chair of BCSWomen Specialist Group and Helen Wollaston, Chief Executive of WISE as Guest Speakers, delivered presentations on 'Deconstructing the Glass Ceiling' and the initiatives in place to promote women in science, technology, and engineering.

Outnumbered; SMMT Encourages Women To Join Automotive Industry

Published on 20 May 2016

The UK motor industry is on the search for the most influential British women in the sector this summer, after research by the Automotive Council found that women working in automotive manufacturing are outnumbered by men three to one.

Amec Foster Wheeler backs drive to promote science and engineering careers for women

Published on 18 May 2016

Held at Booths Park, Knutsford, in conjunction with WISE, the campaign to improve gender balance in science, technology and engineering, the breakfast meeting attracted more than 50 business leaders from the nuclear, engineering, construction and professional services sectors.

The Intersection Between Women in Business and Women in STEM (And Why We Should Join Hands)

Published on 17 May 2016

Women in STEM and women in business have much to offer each other. The low prevalence of women in both fields indicate that something is amiss in our STEM and business environments.

Too geeky for girls? Tech industry stereotypes are hindering equality

Published on 16 May 2016

Teachers are gradually being given the tools to get girls into computer science, but tech companies must pull their weight too.

Tackling gender inequality in science: a model that works

Published on 15 May 2016

Cambridge University: A look at what is being done in the Biochemistry Department to combat discrimination

Google designs emojis depicting professional women

Published on 12 May 2016

Google engineers have designed a set of 13 emojis that they say better represent women in the world of work.

Inspiring the next generation with the internet of things

Published on 10 May 2016

Professor Danielle George, Professor of Radio Frequency Engineering and Vice Dean for Teaching and Learning at the University of Manchester, thinks the Internet of Things will serve to inspire the next generation of engineers. That’s why she’s backing a competition that will produce exciting new examples of connectivity.

The rise of the tech apprenticeship: Tackling the UK’s digital skills gap

Published on 8 May 2016

Many companies face the challenge of a growing digital skills gap, which could significantly affect their growth and success.

Blue plaque for first and only British woman to win Nobel Prize for Science unveiled in Woodstock Road

Published on 5 May 2016

The work of Dorothy Hodgkin, a Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, with penicillin gave medical experts more knowledge about the drug to treat the masses.

Riding Waves of Success to Drive My Passions: Girls in STEM and Alzheimer’s Research UK

Published on 5 May 2016

Tory Thorpe, Accenture: One of the most important lessons in my career has been: “Don’t give up. You can do anything you want to, and don’t let anything stop you.”

WITBoss: Promoting Women in Technology

Published on 4 May 2016

The absence of women in technology careers has been observed since at least 2005 and a $4 billion annual investment is now in place in the UK to rectify the gender imbalance, according to Deloitte’s TMT Predictions 2016 report.

Meet the next generation of women engineers

Published on 3 May 2016

The UK has the lowest percentage of female engineers of all countries in Europe. What’s stopping women getting into the sector?

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