Covid Unsung Heroes Awards 2022 Nomination Form

    This award will go to an exceptional woman who developed a new technological or digital solution to solve a societal, medical (not vaccine related) or technological challenge caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The individual will have identified a problem that needed to be solved, then acted to deliver a successful response.

    This award will recognise a woman who developed an innovative approach to education or training, working at any level or in any sphere, to overcome a challenge created by the COVID-19 pandemic. The award is not limited to professional educators and will focus on impact. 

    This category aims to recognise an exceptional woman who created a novel data driven or analytical solution to a problem caused by the pandemic. We encourage women from all sectors to apply. Judges will be looking for innovative solutions likely to inspire other girls or women to follow their example.

    This award will recognise an individual, group or organisation that found innovative ways of ensuring that Diversity and Inclusion targets were met during the pandemic. The judges will assess support and training established by the solution. They will also examine evidence of targets met and impact on women within the relevant group or organisation.

    This award seeks to recognise a woman who developed a STEM solution to support community members during the pandemic. The work will have been done either as part of their employment or within a voluntary capacity. WISE is looking for new faces and potential STEM role models to champion STEM solutions developed for the public good. The winner will be held up as an example of ways in which women have contributed to STEM developments with a view to inspiring girls and women to work in the sectors.

    This award will recognise and celebrate a STEM hero whose paid or voluntary work during the pandemic was exceptional. This person’s response will have been over and above their traditional voluntary or paid duties.

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    A reference is required for all nominations. The nominator can act as a reference as well, but the reference must come from someone who can verify their achievements and works within the same organisation.

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