The answer to the previous question ‘What does the WISE Ten Steps help member organisations do?’ is ‘overcome barriers and challenges preventing a diverse and inclusive working environment’.

The WISE Ten Steps is unique in the equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) space. It targets the following ten distinct and specific challenges that organisations face when moving towards a more diverse workforce:

  • Understand the starting point so you can monitor progress
  • Educate your leaders, give them accountability for change
  • Change mindsets by challenging bias and sexism
  • Be creative in job design
  • Make flexible working a reality for all
  • Increase transparency of opportunities for progression
  • Sponsor female talent to the same extent as male talent
  • Demonstrate to women that you want to retain and develop them
  • Approach this like any other business project
  • Share learning and good practice

The tool uses a combination of data analysis and proven interventions to remove these complex barriers and create a inclusive and diverse culture leading to innovation, improved performance and long-term competitive advantage.

The Ten Steps is WISE’s flagship product and it informs all our other training and development products and services.

For more information on how to sign up to the the WISE Ten Steps programme please contact your relationship manager.