Intro To Diversity and Inclusion What are your organisation's responsibilities? Lesson 11: An EDI action plan for your organisation

An organisation will need to take many steps on the way to a more diverse and inclusive culture. Our flagship programme the WISE Ten Steps can help with this.

The framework helps
organisations take a holistic approach to promoting gender equality in STEM by addressing the major challenges they face when doing this work.

Before we give you more information on the Ten Steps and how you can sign up to the programme, it might be worth considering the following more general activities. They will help you start developing a more equitable, diverse and inclusive workforce:

•Lead from the top but involve everyone.

•Offer constructive support – be careful not to make people defensive.

•Monitor progress to see what is working well.

•Accept that change can be slow and that there are many moving parts.

•Once targets are set, be patient and stick with them.

•Present this as a business priority – it should concern everyone!