What does Diversity & Inclusion mean?

Diversity and inclusion’ (D&I) is an approach taken by an organisation that aims to employ individuals diverse in characteristics, values, beliefs, and backgrounds.

The organisation will simultaneously aim to foster an inclusive work environment in which all employees feel respected, accepted, supported and valued.

What are the benefits of improving Diversity & Inclusion in your workplace?

  • Bigger talent pool
  • Increased employee engagement and trust
  • More opportunities for innovation
  • Better performance
  • Stronger business results and profits

Where Are You On Your Diversity & Inclusion Journey?

WISE’s Diversity & Inclusion assessment tool will identify ways in which you can improve gender balance and change your organisation’s culture.

The Diversity & Inclusion Assessment Tool pinpoints areas for improved gender balance within your business. It provides an action plan and targets to help you recruit, retain and progress a diverse workforce.

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Who are WISE?

We are leaders within the STEM change management sector and we partner with organisations that are committed to making a difference in this field. With more than 37 years of industry experience, we help organisations and women at different stages in their careers succeed and progress as leaders in STEM.

Our purpose is to:

  • Achieve a target of 30% women in STEM by 2030.
  • Support employers to recruit, retain and progress women in their STEM careers.
  • Inspire girls to envision a future in STEM.

We do this by partnering with organisations who understand that diverse teams are better teams. We help them create inclusive cultural change and strengthen STEM sectors by championing diversity of thought, background and life experience. This will improve the UK’s economy and make working in STEM a more fulfilling experience for all.

How can WISE help you?

WISE offers a wide range of resources to help improve diversity and inclusion within your business.

  • A Ten Steps change management tool programme.
  • Workshops that help you pinpoint the areas that require most work and a report and follow up intervention to ensure you make progress in the right direction.
  • Access to other members experiences via knowledge sharing events, the conference and case studies.
  • Diversity and Inclusion training.
  • Training in recruitment practices.
  • Bespoke interventions once we have assessed your needs.  
  • In-depth research projects where required to help you work out where change is needed. We also help members implement change following this research.  
  • Access to research such as our recent Exploring Pathways into Technology paper which analysed the skills shortage with a view to helping employers find talent outside their traditional recruitment pool.
  • Help with outreach work. For example, the WISE My Skills My Life programme provides girls with role models and helps them understand their personality and the sort of STEM career that might suit them.   

Achieving meaningful cultural change in the workplace isn’t easy but when you become a WISE member, our dedicated team will support and guide you, no matter where you are in your D&I journey. We’ll track your progress and provide help that is tailored to your specific needs.

Our proven Ten Steps change management programme will point you in the right direction and help embed best practice into your company’s culture.


Q: What does diversity mean?

Diversity in the workplace refers to a workforce comprising individuals diverse in characteristics, values, beliefs and backgrounds. Characteristics might include ethnicity, gender, age, religion or physical ability. When considering your diversity goals, it’s important to understand where there are diversity and inclusion gaps in your workforce.

Q: What does inclusion mean?

Workplace inclusion is when people feel valued and accepted in their team and in the wider organisation without having to conform. Inclusive organisations support employees with diverse backgrounds and circumstances to thrive at work.

Inclusion involves establishing an environment that encourages every person to bring his or her whole self to work and creates opportunities for all employees to realise their potential.

Q: How do I improve diversity and inclusion in my organisation?

Taking our diversity and inclusion survey will help you understand the starting point. This is one of the key steps in our Ten Steps programme and assessing the data and where you have work to do will help you set targets and monitor progress.

Q: What is the gender pay gap?

This measures the difference in pay between men and women. Many factors contribute to the pay gap but cultural beliefs around the roles women and men should play in the workplace form a big part.

Q: How do I improve HR policies to support a more diverse and inclusive workforce?

Transparency and awareness are key to improving HR policies within your organisation. Using our D&I assessment tool alongside the Ten Steps Programme and our other resources will help you create HR policies that will support a more inclusive and diverse workplace.

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The WISE Ten Steps has received the seal of approval from small and large companies up and down the UK. But don’t just take our word for it. Find out how it’s helped others below.

“….the reward is a better business!”
“At GRAHAM, to build resilience in the business in terms of skills capacity, we looked to create a more diverse workforce, we started with Gender Diversity – and became signatories of the WISE Ten Steps Framework. The WISE Ten Steps is an easy to use, self-assessment tool which will help change the gender diversity of your business – assuming you act on its findings! GRAHAM have been using the WISE Ten Steps approach for nearly 5 years and can demonstrate year on year improvement. This is a marathon, not a sprint – a commitment to change and the reward is a better business!”

Emer Murnaghan, WISE Ambassador, Head of Responsible Sustainable Business

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