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Maximise retention

Your existing female employees are key to identifying changes that you can make to support their retention and that of other female employees. Listen to, and act on, their feedback. Ensure that your commitment to women in STEM is visible in every part of the organisation and in all its activities. Manage career breaks so that staff are supported to return. Increase the visibility, and celebrate the achievement and success, of all your female employees.

Listening to your female apprentices and acting on any concerns is the best way to demonstrate that you wish to retain and develop them. Positive and negative feedback are equally valuable to you.

  • Organise networking groups – women engineers, apprentices, parents. Record their comments and act on them
  • Using employee engagement tools such as surveys and focus groups will give you the opportunity to understand the challenges women and, in particular, your female apprenticeship cohort have faced in the workplace
  • WISE uses its Cultural Analysis Tool (CAT) to look at the different ways men and women experience the workplace
  • Using a specific survey for your apprentices would enable them to anonymously report their experiences which may be a useful way to monitor the satisfaction of the women in that cohort.
Do take care that the questions in the survey do not identify individuals i.e. do you feel the company supports working mothers.

Analyse all responses and act on this. Acknowledge the positives as well as taking action on the negatives.

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