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WISE Flexible Futures Focus Group

​Encouraging creative thinking to help remove the barriers to flexible working and drive progress towards a more Flexible Future. ​


This 2 hour focus group session aims to access the opinions and creative thoughts of a cross section of your employees to help your organisation move towards a workplace where flexible working is embraced and encouraged. We will explore your employee’s visions of the future workplace and the role that the many forms of flexible working (flexi-time, part- time, job share, agile working etc) could have in improving work-life balance, workplace culture and business performance.

WISE Approach

Our approach is to provide your team with credible research, insights and facilitation to inform your business planning and to help you capture ideas, decisions and actions that will improve gender balance within your organisation.


  • Creating a vision of the future
  • What does good look like – Case Studies
  • Understanding the Starting Point
  • Barriers to Change – The WISE Flexible Future Force Field Analysis
  • Capturing Ideas and Actions.


Pre engagement: Attendees will be asked to identify and contribute examples of flexible working that they think are good or poor practice.

During the session: Attendees will get the opportunity to discuss forms of flexible working and how they might apply to your business.

Post engagement: Attendees will be invited to contribute to an action plan for the future which may include pilot schemes for flexible working.

Price £1000 + VAT and travel expenses

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