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Champion good practice to promote career progression

Provide a range of support mechanisms that will facilitate the retention and progression of your female employees.

It is important to consider a range of support initiatives to address the barriers that women in particular face when considering career progression. Providing a range of mentors, implementing flexible working arrangements, and challenging bias and stereotyping are examples that are proven to be effective.

Mentors are great but what can be even more influential is having a high level sponsor who takes a proactive interest in your career and is an advocate for you on your career journey.

  • Make sure that female talent is offered a sponsor to the same extent as your male talent. Monitor and promote opportunities.
  • Encourage and support senior male executives to take a young woman under their wing. They may initially be nervous of this but this can be hugely beneficial for your early career stage female employees.
  • Support reverse mentoring relationships which can also evolve from close sponsorship as these can be mutually beneficial.
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