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Once trained, the apprentice is a valuable investment for your organisation. Good communication, creative job design and an understanding of roles and opportunities will ensure that apprentices progress into permanent employment in suitable roles that will offer long term benefits to the employee and the organisation.

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Invest in the professional and personal development of your female employees. In supporting your female employees with career planning activities and providing personal development opportunities, particularly those that lead to professional status, you are showing your employees that you have confidence in their abilities and want to see them progress. Such opportunities offer far reaching benefits to the organisation, not just in terms of increased skills, but also in relation to job satisfaction, maximising potential and in retaining highly skilled employees at the company.

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Champion good practice to promote career progression

Provide a range of support mechanisms that will facilitate the retention and progression of your female employees.

It is important to consider a range of support initiatives to address the barriers that women in particular face when considering career progression. Providing a range of mentors, implementing flexible working arrangements, and challenging bias and stereotyping are examples that are proven to be effective.

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Show your female employees that you value their contribution to your organisation.

Employees who feel valued are most likely to stay with an organisation and work to their best. Parity of pay and being transparent about salaries is critical, as is investing time to develop individuals, providing opportunities for their opinions to be heard and acted on, and encouraging them to act as ambassadors for the organisation. All will increase job satisfaction and develop their perceptions of being valued as an important and integral part of the company.

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Maximise retention

Take action to maximise retention of the talented female employees that you have invested in.

Your existing female employees are key to identifying changes that you can make to support their retention and that of other female employees. Listen to, and act on, their feedback. Ensure that your commitment to women in STEM is visible in every part of the organisation and in all its activities. Manage career breaks so that staff are supported to return. Increase the visibility, and celebrate the achievement and success, of all your female employees.

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