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Offering initiatives to support girls with their application

Here at Jaguar Land Rover, we run two female specific schemes to help recruit more young women to our apprenticeships.

What we did.

  • One of our key schemes is called ‘Young Women in the Know’. This involves opening our doors to female students to give them a deep insight into engineering and manufacturing careers. To read more, please go to this page.
  • In addition, as part of the application process, we take female applicants and give them one week in the business before the assessment centres start. This helps the young women understand the company, our business objectives and the workplace, and put their fears and any preconceptions to rest.
  • We also run a day for young women (called ‘Females into Engineering and Manufacturing day’) where we invite local schools and colleges into our company. This day aims to give an insight into the world of engineering and manufacturing and hopefully dispel some of the myths they might have about our industry.
  • The day includes a tour of our site and presentations from key female employees to share their journey into engineering and show a real life example of what roles are like at Jaguar Land Rover.
  • With the support of these two initiatives to help our applicants, we have found we are hiring more of the young women applying to our schemes.
  • In addition, we’ve found they’re performing better at the assessment day. Because of these initiatives, the young women applying already know about engineering and manufacturing in our company, so they can talk in more depth about Jaguar Land Rover, the sector and the roles themselves. They also have a better understanding of the key behaviours in our culture so they can talk about that too. So nurturing them really does make a difference!
  • The number of our female apprentices has increased every year. In 2015, 19% of our apprentices were female, with 22% in 2016.
  • However, this year we took our ‘Young Women in the Know’ programme to five of our plants, rather than one, and we’re delighted to say that 50% of our apprentices in our advanced apprenticeship are women, with 25% joining our degree apprenticeship programme!

What we learned.

  • The ‘Young Women in the Know’ scheme has been a great success and grown and developed over the years, but at the moment we’re only offering this for our year 1 apprenticeships. We plan to broaden the scheme to welcome more routes in and a wider age of attendees.
  • Offering the schemes to young women has been incredibly beneficial, but we are very aware we don’t want to exclude the young men. Going forward, we plan to keep with a solo female intake but also run joint programmes to be more inclusive.
  • We ask for feedback every year. We always get positive feedback from attendees but they also suggested we might be trying to cram too much in. To address this in future we are going to look at running them over a couple of days to give a more relaxed approach.

What we would do differently as a result.

  • We’re also going to include the parents! By running a spin off session for parents we can raise awareness and parents can bring their younger children to educate them too.
  • There’s always work to be done. We’d love to explore creating partnerships with specific schools, particularly girls’ schools, to raise engagement and recruit apprentices. It would be fantastic to have a champion with each girls’ school in our local area.
  • Finally, we plan to continue targeting young women but also include BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) groups with a virtual university. This will involve going into five schools at the same time to talk about our apprenticeships and give an opportunity to discuss the roles with a recruiter at the school. We plan to do about 15 sessions, with up to five schools each time.
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