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Involving the whole team in the recruitment process

BAM Nuttall Ltd is a leading edge supplier of civil engineering services, delivering quality infrastructure projects including bridge refurbishments, flood alleviation projects and tunnels, both in the UK and abroad.

What we did.

Female intake on our Technical Apprenticeship Programme had been around 10–12% annually, so during 2016 we decided to make a greater impact on how we recruit and engage with the wider female population at school and college leaver age. Promoting our industry means more young female adults express an interest in what we do, and then hopefully want to become involved.

Changes included:

  • Using more images of current female apprentices on marketing material and banners at careers events, attracting students and parents to us and prompting conversations.
  • Inviting both male and female current employees across a range of areas and disciplines to support the initial recruitment selection, and aiding the Apprenticeship Team in identifying and selecting potential candidates to be enrolled onto our programme.
  • These employees were also on hand all day to speak with the candidates, share their stories and answer questions from their own experiences of working in the industry within our offices and on our sites.

What we learned.

By having this greater interaction with our business and employees, candidates were selected not only on their academic merit but also on a personal approach through communication and engagement. For those who were unsuccessful in their application, we were able to provide constructive, more detailed feedback on their development areas for the future, leaving them feeling comfortable to reapply in subsequent years. This feedback means that even those who were unsuccessful left with a positive image of our company.

The recruitment process for 2016 saw a great improvement on previous years with:

  • over 600 applicants, of which 23% were female,
  • of which 21% of the final candidates we recruited were female.

What we would do differently as a result.

Moving forward, we aim to increase these numbers even more, and this will come with the increasing support from within the business towards female candidates joining us at the early stage of their careers.

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