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Prepare the Ground

Forward planning and preparation are key in getting the most of the activities you run to attract more young people to join your organisation. It is important to inform and include your entire team about the importance of what you are aiming to achieve. This checklist can support this.

  • Ensure your business case is simple, clear and easy to understand, with well-referenced data and statistics.
  • Implement clear policies and practices around Equality and Diversity, and monitor and review these regularly
  • Ensure that all employees are familiar with them
  • Ensure you are clear on the consequences of not following these policies, for example, any instances of bullying or harassment will be met with disciplinary action.
  • Identify and support diversity champions in your organisation
  • Ensure you are clear on what this role will entail, the sort of person you are looking for to get involved, and how much time it will take out of their working day
  • Passion does not equal expertise - they may need training and support to carry out this role.

Ensure all communications reflect your diversity policies in terms of both language and images.

  • Website
  • Publications, promotional materials
  • Media and news articles
  • Profile of senior managers and board
  • Include diverse case studies
  • Exemplar good practice in diversity.
  • Collect and analyse employment and pay data at all levels and in relation to all diversity strands
  • Review this in relation to local and national demographic data
  • Be aware of your own organisations position and duty on gender pay reporting.

Run an audit to identify any barriers that may exist in your organisation and create strategies to overcome or remove them. The WISE Cultural Audit Tool (CAT) is a useful aid for this.

Developing links with other local organisations also working to recruit more women into STEM can offer considerable benefits:

  • Opportunity to share resources
  • Enabling more coverage of events and schools in region
  • Opportunity to develop cross organisational mentoring and networks
  • Wider range of role models and less demand on individuals
  • Opportunity to try different approaches and share good practice on what works well.
Consider developing a local consortium and including other supporting organisations i.e. LEPs, local council, colleges and universities.
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