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Hints and Tips for writing job specifications and adverts

We know that designing recruitment advertising and campaigns can be tricky. Below are some hints and tips about what to include and what to avoid in job specifications, adverts and throughout the recruitment campaign. Following this guidance can help encourage more women to apply for your apprenticeships.

For further guidance on how to write a job advert, please see here.

Long lists are difficult to absorb and including minute details mean little until you are in the job.

Try to describe the key function of the role in no more than 5-7 bullets.

Grouping bullets under 2 or 3 headings of responsibilities can also be effective.

Try not to use them to list requirements and avoid using them for qualifications.

It is important that you’re not discouraging diverse candidates through your imagery.

Look for photos and images that represent your company and culture.

If necessary, commission a photographer to take some new shots, possibly including your own employees! Or ask around – you might find one of your own employees who would be happy to get involved in taking the photos.
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