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Top tips for recruiting ambassadors

  1. Promote the business case for diversity throughout your organisation.
  2. State clearly the importance and value of role models in helping your organisation to achieve a more diverse and effective workforce.
  3. Promote the opportunity to be a role model within your organisation. You could do this:
  • annual reviews/appraisals
  • through social events
  • through your newsletters, regular get togethers and other internal communications.
  • at your community engagement project
  • on a poster on the wall – displayed where everyone will see it, in kitchen areas, or your canteen. Consider some less obvious places, such as the back of a toilet cubicle door
  • by dropping a leaflet on everyone’s desk
  • by word of mouth, including via your managers and senior employees.

4. Identify who would make good role models, be inclusive, and try to attract as many people as possible to offer you a wider pool to make use of.

  • Be clear what behaviours, traits and abilities make a great role model. For example, you will definitely want someone with passion and positivity, who is happy to talk about themselves and their journey.
  • Whilst some people may put themselves forward for this, others may need encouragement and support to do so.
  • You may want certain individuals to become role models but do allow them to make the choice for themselves.
  • You may find quite young people have a natural talent for this so do be inclusive and give everyone the opportunity.
  • Try to include as wide a range of people as possible – male and female, employees from different cultural and social backgrounds, from different career pathways (graduates, technicians, craft apprentices), differing ages, and different levels of progression.
  • Do include people who have just started on their career path as young people will identify with them more easily. High level, academic role models can sometimes be off putting. It’s great to have a few senior managers but make sure you include a good mix of people and levels from your company.

5. Be clear about your expectations of role models

  • What you would like them to do? Talks, careers fairs, workshops? Get them together to discuss – they might have their own ideas!
  • How you will support them?
  • How might this impact on their work?
  • What would the time commitment for this be?
  • Will it be within, or outside, working hours – a particular concern for parents and carers.

6. Explain the benefits to the role models themselves.

  • Confidence building.
  • Public speaking opportunities.
  • Involvement building the culture and developing the future of the company.
  • Opportunity to work with and support young people in the community.

7. Provide training and support.
Consider offering them:

  • Public speaking and presentation training
  • WISE People Like Me training to support ambassadors to help them to use language and skills that will engage girls with STEM
  • Opportunity to become STEMnet ambassadors and to access the free training STEMnet provides

Ensure they have one point of contact within the company they can speak to confidentially if they encounter any problems or have any concerns.

8. Use your role models wisely.

  • Share out the opportunities to be role models carefully and do not rely too heavily on particular individuals.
  • Be mindful that these young people have come to work and to learn, they may not want to be singled out as “the female role model” every time.
  • Having case studies printed for all your role models can reduce their time away from work and broaden the opportunities to highlight them and their roles. You can also use these case studies on your careers website and social media if you have them to promote your company to potential new employees.

9. Celebrate and thank your role models

  • Give your role models time, support and encouragement.
  • Do take time to feedback to role models any positive outcomes or comments.
  • Thank them for their support.
  • Consider a celebration event for the role models, or an award, certificate or letter of thanks.

10. Set up a women's or role models' network

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