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Develop a sustained strategy of engagement

It is essential to continue to work with individuals who show an interest in continuing to study STEM and may consider a career.

PLM key finding “one off interventions do not work, a sustained strategy is needed”. STEMNet also found that more exposure to ambassadors resulted in more positive responses in student

There will be many activities that you can attend to promote your organisation as an employer of choice:

  • Research events and activities and consider which events you have the resources to support.
  • Add yourself to the mailing lists of key organisations that will support your objectives.
  • Promote your events and activities through organisations with similar objectives.
Work with other employers and organisations to ensure your region has coverage to support your sector.

Your website and marketing materials should show girls and women, from different ethnic backgrounds, carrying out a range of STEM activities.

  • Where possible buddy up the young person with one of the technician role models.
  • Develop a communications strategy for keeping them involved.
  • Forward the apprentice opportunities to the young people.

Hold application form surgeries and interview skills workshops.

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