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People Like Me role model case studies

In order to convince girls that science and engineering is for People Like Me, it’s important to show them positive female role models who are happy and successful in STEM careers.

Read the case studies below of women who have completed the People Like Me Quiz – they’ll tell you who they are, what their job is and what job types they are.

For even more inspiration, see the fascinating stories of WISE members.

Meet People Like You

Ashleigh Lewin

Ashleigh Lewin

Policy Maker, Service Provider and Trainer

"I take great pride in my job and making sure everything is checked to the best possible standard" - Ashleigh Lewin, Quality Inspector, Babcock International

What kind of person is Ashleigh?

Ashleigh describes herself as a very organised and methodical person. She’s not too keen on taking risks, which is a good thing when you work with nuclear submarines! However, Ashleigh also enjoys a good laugh just like everybody else!

What is Ashleigh’s job?

Ashleigh is a Quality Inspector for Babcock International, a large company that maintains the UK’s nuclear submarine fleet. That means she checks over all the documents and requests for fixing submarines. It’s an incredibly important job: if she’s wrong, it could lead to disaster out in the ocean! Ashleigh started out as an apprentice, so her starting salary was £7,800 a year—that might not sound like a lot, but she was earning valuable on-the-job experience.

How did she get that job?

When Ashleigh was four, she wanted to be a princess! At eight years old, she decided to be a teacher. By the time she was 16, she was set on being an engineer! So, she did a Level 3 NVQ in mechanical engineering along with a City and Guild Level 2 qualification. She took a vocational route as an apprentice at Babcock International, which gave her lots of experience and eventually she was offered a job as an Inspector.

Why is Ashleigh the ‘Policy Maker’ type?

Ashleigh’s role requires her to take a cautious approach and advise others how to complete their tasks. This fits in well with the Policy Maker type, as well as the Service Provider because she needs to be informed, organised and able to help others. Ashleigh wishes the People Like Me Quiz had existed when she was at school because it would have helped her identify her strengths and weaknesses!

Bethan Charles

Bethan Charles

Regulator, Service Provider and Explorer​

“A typical day at work involves talking to people across three or four continents” Bethan Charles, Analyst, Accenture

What kind of person is Bethan?

Bethan describes herself as an organised and resourceful person. She’s very thorough when it comes to approaching her work but also quite sensible, so she doesn’t get rattled when there’s a lot to do. Above all Bethan is very reliable, which is a good skill to have when dealing with people all over the world!

What is Bethan’s job?

Bethan is an Analyst for Accenture, a large, global management consultant. She works with energy companies based in Asia, North America, Australia, India and the Netherlands! Her work actually changes depending on what the client’s needs are but she mainly analyses large amounts of business data looking for areas to improve on. Senior management really depend on Bethan to provide reports that are accurate and can help them make the right decisions. Her starting salary was £31,500—that’s great for a graduate salary!

How did she get that job?

When she was young, Bethan loved sea life and wanted to be a marine biologist. However, the career-finding tests she took at school indicated she would enjoy working in a science lab—and she did! So, she completed a master’s degree in Physics at Durham University. Bethan ended up working for Accenture because she has excellent problem-solving skills that she developed while doing her science degree.

Why is Bethan the ‘Regulator’ type?

Bethan fits the Regulator type really well because she has to gather information from lots of different sources all over the world and analyse it to check that everything is safe and legal, for example, for her managers. It’s up to her to decide what information is important. She also has a strong Service Provider element because she’s great at delivering results and communicating with her clients and managers. Bethan thinks the People Like Me Quiz would have been very useful at school because it would have helped her to see what options were available to her.

Charlotte Mace

Charlotte Mace

​Investigator, Supporter and Explorer

"My job is like playing a real life game of Monopoly" - Charlotte Mace, Project Manager, Network Rail

What kind of person is Charlotte?

Charlotte describes herself as a curious and logical person: she considers all the options in a situation before making a decision. This is a great personality trait because Charlotte has to explore all kinds of problems before they occur and work out solutions to them! It’s a good thing that she’s self-motivated—it means she’s always ahead of the game.

What is Charlotte’s job?

Charlotte is a Project Manager for Network Rail. She’s responsible for making sure improvements, like new stations and faster train lines, are built safely and quickly, and don’t go over budget. She has to understand the needs of all the people working on the project (like engineers, designers, construction teams) and prevent problems from happening. She really loves her job because it involves a lot of team work, and solving problems is very satisfying. Charlotte’s starting salary was £26,000—that’s a bit above average for a graduate salary.

How did she get that job?

Charlotte wanted to be an architect when she was growing up. But she realised she was actually curious about how things worked. So, she studied Civil and Environmental Engineering at university in order to learn the theory behind the way things work and the best ways to design new solutions to old problems. This knowledge is perfect for her role at Network Rail because she has to find answers to difficult engineering problems!

Why is Charlotte the ‘Investigator’ type?

Charlotte fits the Investigator type because she has to uncover all the potential problems in her projects. This means examining each part and talking to her colleagues to find out what the issues are and how best to fix them—it’s a bit like a detective working to solve a case! She suits the Explorer and Supporter types as well because she is thinking about innovative solutions in order to help her colleagues. Charlotte thinks the People Like Me Quiz is great because she did a similar quiz at school and it really helped her decide to pursue Engineering.

Emma O'Mara

Emma O’Mara

Persuader, Supporter and Policy Maker

"I really like understanding how complicated things work and then explaining them to others in a simple way" - Emma O’Mara, Dockside Manager, Babcock International

What kind of person is Emma?

Emma describes herself as a very motivated, eloquent and persuasive woman. She thinks these qualities are great for her job because she needs to make sure safety rules are followed and she has to get people to do exactly what she says!

What is Emma’s job?

Emma is a Dockside Manager for a large company that maintains the UK’s nuclear submarine fleet. It sounds dangerous but thanks to Emma, looking after these submarines is very safe. In fact, her role is all about making sure the equipment used to maintain submarines, such as cranes and vehicles, is safe to use. Fixing submarines is like a big puzzle and Emma has to make sure all the pieces fit so it can be done safely and efficiently! Her starting salary was £25,000—a good amount for a graduate job.

How did she get that job?

Emma didn’t have a specific career in mind growing up but knew she wanted to work for a large company where she’d have the opportunity to do different things. She did science at school and then studied Chemistry at York University and eventually did a Masters degree in Chemistry too. That led her to become a radiation expert working with nuclear submarines at Babcock International where they funded her to do a further qualification. She ended up in her current role when a new opportunity came up in the same company as a Dockside Manager.

Why is Emma the ‘Persuader’ type?

Emma’s role involves managing people –explaining complex ideas and making sure people carefully follow her instructions. It’s a great example of the Persuader type! Getting up close and personal with nuclear submarines requires working really well with others and Emma enjoys being part of a team and supporting others. One day, she’d like to make an impact as a Policy Maker promoting STEM to girls.

Fiona Foulkes

Fiona Foulkes

Trainer, Entrepreneur and Persuader

"I enjoy finding different solutions to old problems " -Fiona Foulkes, Health & Safety Auditor, Network Rail

What kind of person is Fiona?

Fiona describes herself as a confident, supportive and empathic person who likes to understand how people do their job so that she can help them as best she can. These are very useful skills because Fiona has to find ways to keep her colleagues and the public safe while they travel on trains! Fiona also loves meeting new people as she carries out her inspections.

What is Fiona’s job?

Fiona is a Health and Safety Auditor for Network Rail. She’s like an inspector, visiting all the different sites on the train lines to make sure they are as safe as possible for Network Rail employees and the general public. It’s a huge responsibility! She has to interview her colleagues to understand their needs and then persuade them to make their environment as safe as possible, based on her recommendations. She started earning £26,500 on the company’s graduate scheme—that’s a bit above average for a graduate salary.

How did she get that job?

Fiona couldn’t decide what job she wanted to do when she was growing up. Ambassador? Journalist? Doctor? However, she knew she wanted to help people. That led her to doing a Law degree at university and then eventually a specialised course in Health and Safety—perfect for an aspiring inspector!

Why is Fiona the ‘Trainer’ type?

The Trainer type fits Fiona really well because she’s passionate about making sure people are safe and she helps Network Rail make their train lines safer. She does this by understanding her colleagues’ needs and then advising them on how to improve. Fiona thinks the People Like Me Quiz would have been really useful at school but also believes that you can change types as you get more experience.

Gemma Sainty

Gemma Sainty

Regulator, Service provider and Explorer

"The best thing about my role is that it is different everyday: there is always a new challenge and different problems to solve" - Gemma Sainty, Control Engineer, British Sugar

What kind of person is Gemma?

Gemma describes herself as a very logical and patient person who loves to solve problems! She’s upfront, honest and takes a friendly approach to life. Gemma is very inquisitive and likes to explore and experiment with new ideas and different ways of approaching situations.

What is Gemma’s job?

Gemma is a Control Engineer for British Sugar, a very large company that supplies—you guessed it—sugar to the UK food industry. Control Engineers help monitor and improve the performance of systems, processes and machines. Gemma’s role is vital in making sure all the hardware and software that goes into supplying sugar is running smoothly and efficiently. Her starting salary as an apprentice was £11,000 a year but that increased to £27,000 once she was fully qualified. That’s above average for a graduate job!

How did she get that job?

Gemma never really thought a lot about what career she might want. She liked the idea of becoming a teacher, but she also really enjoyed IT subjects and using computers. She did an NVQ Level 2 and 3 in Engineering, followed by a BTEC National Certificate in Engineering and finally a BTEC Higher National Certificate in Engineering: she was on her way to becoming an engineer!

Why is Gemma the ‘Regulator’ type?

Gemma’s role requires her to monitor and analyse a lot of data about how well systems are performing and make sure everything is working as safely as it should be. This makes her a great example of the Regulator type because it’s up to her to identify the most important information, decide how to analyse it and then choose what to do with those results. She wishes ‘People Like Me’ had existed back when she was at school to help her figure out what career to get into.

Ilanah Lewis

Ilanah Lewis

Explorer, Regulator and Entrepreneur

"I like to listen to others but do prefer working on my own" - Ilanah Lewis, Graduate Business Consultant, IBM

What kind of person is Ilanah?

Ilanah describes herself as someone who enjoys listening to what other people have to say but prefers to work mainly on her own. When it comes to work, she likes to be really organised so that things don’t get forgotten. She’s also passionate about great ideas—she finds it’s a great way to stay motivated! Ilanah describes herself as an honest, logical, outgoing woman, who is self-motivated. At some point she wants to have a family but right now she’s focused on her career.

What is Ilanah’s job?

Ilanah is a Graduate Business Consultant for IBM, which is one of the largest technology companies in the world and famous for making computers! Being a Graduate means she gets to work in different parts of the company every 6 months—it’s a great way to try new things and gain experience. Right now, Ilanah is working as a project manager with one of IBM’s big banking clients and managing a software security project! Being a project manager means Ilanah has to talk everyday with the client and make sure everything is going smoothly: she’s right in the thick of it! Ilanah’s starting salary was £30,000 a year—not bad for a graduate job!

How did she get that job?

When she was younger, Ilanah wanted to be a doctor. But as she got older she realised she was good at ICT and enjoyed it. So, Ilanah did an Information Systems degree at Newcastle University and that was one of the main reasons IBM hired her.

Why is Ilanah the ‘Explorer’ type?

When Ilanah took the People Like Me Quiz it told her she was an Explorer type. She agrees because she likes to be the first one to find out about something and how it works. She also enjoys meeting new people, discovering new ideas and being a leader on projects. That’s kind of what an explorer is, isn’t it?

Jenny Ogawa

Jenny Ogawa

Manager, Service Provider and Regulator

"My personality makes me a good fit for this role as I like to carry work out in an efficient manner" - Jenny Ogawa, Assistant Project Manager, Mott MacDonald

What kind of person is Jenny?

Jenny describes herself as a very motivated and resourceful woman who loves to tackle complex problems by working with others to find the right solutions. She likes to be efficient in life, which is an attitude that helps get the job done!

What is Jenny’s job?

Jenny is an Assistant Project Manager for Mott MacDonald, a large global management and engineering company that works with clients to complete big construction projects. Right now, Jenny is managing a major highways project here in the UK! She’s responsible for making sure everyone working on the project (engineers, construction teams, other managers) is working together as efficiently as possible in order to meet the deadline. She has to know exactly what everyone is up to! Jenny also has to make sure that projects don’t go over budget, which can be very difficult. She started earning £18,000 as a graduate—a bit below average but she gained a lot of valuable experience in her first role.

How did she get that job?

Jenny wanted to be a mathematician when she was young but chose to study Civil Engineering at university because it combines maths and physics. She then got a Masters degree in Earthquake Engineering! Once she started working, she became a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, which is a great way to keep learning while working.

Why is Jenny the ‘Manager’ type?

Jenny is a great motivator who works across different teams in order to get the job done. She has to be creative, organised and efficient in order to make sure she delivers exactly what her clients expect. These are all typical attributes of the Manager. Jenny likes how the People Like Me Quiz offers people the chance to reflect on themselves and what careers they might want to pursue.

Louisa Awolaja

Louisa Awolaja

Explorer, Investigator and Service Provider

"I’m really good at spotting tiny details and I love solving puzzles" - Louisa Awolaja, Analyst, Accenture

What kind of person is Louisa?

Louisa describes herself as a curious and resourceful person. Her strengths are being organised and having an eye for detail—she often spots tiny details other people miss! She also loves puzzles, which is handy because she has to piece together a lot of information in her job. Her personality is a great fit for her job because she loves to analyse things and ask questions.

What is Louisa’s job?

Louisa is an Analyst for Accenture, a large, global management consultant. She gets to work with all sorts of clients, from energy companies to investment banks and tech corporations. Her job actually changes depending on what the client’s needs are. She has worked in sales, logistics and even figured out how much money an energy company had to spend in order to produce enough power! Louisa gets to meet a lot of new people and travel around—she once went to Denmark and Sweden every week during a project! Her starting salary was £30,000—that’s great for a graduate salary!

How did she get that job?

Louisa wanted to be an architect or an interior designer when she was growing up. She ultimately studied engineering (and got a master’s in Chemical Engineering) because she wanted to combine her math skills with her creative problem-solving side and love of science. She ended up working for Accenture so she could use her skills to work on a variety of different projects—that way she wouldn’t get bored!

Why is Louisa the ‘Explorer’ type?

Louisa fits the Explorer type because she has to work with new clients all the time who each have a unique set of problems to fix. She has to work out how best to tackle these challenges, which means getting to know her client and talking to lots of people. That’s also why the Investigator type suits her as well. Louisa thinks the People Like Me Quiz is great because it took her a long time to figure out what she wanted to do.

Rebecca Stone

Rebecca Stone

Entrepreneur, Regulator and Service Provider

"I was always one of those people who was never really sure what I wanted to do for a career growing up" - Rebecca Stone, Graduate Business Consultant, IBM

What kind of person is Rebecca?

Rebecca describes herself as someone who never knew what career she wanted when she was growing up. However, she knew that she wanted to work somewhere where there would be lots of opportunities to try new and exciting things—maybe a large company! Rebecca considers herself to be considerate, reliable, organised, conscientious and friendly.

What is Rebecca’s job?

Rebecca is a Graduate Business Consultant for IBM, which is one of the largest technology companies in the world and famous for making computers! Being a Graduate means she gets to work in different parts of the company every 6 months—it’s a great way to try new things and gain experience. Right now, Rebecca is working with some of IBM’s clients and helping make sure that the IBM equipment they use fits their needs. This means she’s constantly talking with the clients to check if they need any equipment or upgrades. Rebecca’s starting salary was £30,000 a year—not bad for a graduate job!

How did she get that job?

When Rebecca was at Loughborough University she did an International Business degree. She became really determined to work in business for a big company so that she could learn and try new things. As part of her degree, she did a work placement with IBM. They were so impressed with her that when she graduated, she applied and got a job with them! Rebecca loves the fact that she is using the skills and knowledge she learned at university in her job.

Why is Rebecca the ‘Entrepreneur’ type?

When Rebecca took the People Like Me Quiz it told her she was an Entrepreneur type. She agrees because she loves working with IBM’s clients to help them be the best business they can be and achieve their goals. Rebecca’s a great problem-solver and that is a perfect example of what entrepreneurs do.

Robyn Arter

Robyn Arter

Entrepreneur, Trainer and Supporter

"When I was growing up I always really enjoyed understanding how things work" - Robyn Arter, Process Manager, British Sugar

What kind of person is Robyn?

Robyn describes herself as a curious person who enjoys understanding how and why the world works. She’s also very logical and practical, which helps in her job, as she manages a wide range of things. Robyn is an empathic and diplomatic person: she likes working with people!

What is Robyn’s job?

Robyn is a Process Manager for British Sugar, a very large company that supplies sugar to the UK food industry. As a Process Manager, she is responsible for every detail in a large manufacturing factory: planning the work people do and even how much money to spend! She manages a lot of people, from engineers to health and safety experts. She has to know everything that’s going on, from sugar production in the factory to the analysis of sugar in the lab. She started earning £28,000 on a graduate scheme—that’s above average for a graduate!

How did she get that job?

As a child, Robyn always wanted to know how things worked and was naturally interested in science. While at school, she decided she was more interested in making things work than studying them in a lab. Robyn did a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering, which gave her the science background she needed to understand chemical processes. This meant she was perfectly suited to working for a company that produces sugar.

Why is Robyn the ‘Entrepreneur’ type?

Robyn has to work with a lot of different teams, from Engineering, to Finance and Health and Safety. That means she has to understand how the whole company works—a lot like an Entrepreneur does! She also trains and mentors new employees, so the Trainer type also really suits her. Robyn thinks the People Like Me Quiz is great because it shows there are loads of different STEM careers out there.

Victoria Sutherland

Victoria Sutherland

​Service provider, Regulator and Policy Maker

"It’s great to work on projects that not only directly benefit society, but also have a lasting impact" - Victoria Sutherland, Assistant Civil Engineer, Mott MacDonald

What kind of person is Victoria?

Victoria describes herself as a very witty and considerate person who has a real eye for detail—she leaves no stone unturned. She’s well-organised and doesn’t like taking risks. Victoria thinks everything in life has its place! All these qualities are perfect for her job as an engineer.

What is Victoria’s job?

Victoria is an Assistant Civil Engineer, working on railways for Mott MacDonald, a large global, engineering company that does big construction projects. Civil Engineers help design, construct and maintain all sorts of things that you might not notice but that we use every day, such as buildings, bridges and railroads. A big part of her job is communicating with clients to make sure she helps them build what they want. It’s also really important that Victoria considers all the details that go into making a railway—any errors could lead to unsafe conditions. She’s worked on big, national projects and even got the chance to live and work in Malaysia for a year! Victoria’s starting salary was £24,000 a year—about average for a graduate job.

How did she get that job?

When she was younger, Victoria wanted to be a tennis star. But, as she got older she realised she was interested in designing things. She did GCSE and A-level maths and physics and once she finished uni, she also did a Masters in Civil Engineering. Although she needed to study a lot to be an engineer, Victoria is also successful because she’s flexible and has a good eye for detail.

Why is Victoria the ‘Service provider’ type?

When Victoria took the People Like Me Quiz it told her she was a Service provider type. This is no surprise seeing as her job is all about providing her clients with great ideas and expertise as well as delivering projects that will benefit society! She wishes there had been something like ‘People Like Me’ when she was at school to help her figure out what career path to follow.

Amy Jawanda

Amy Jawanda

Manager, Entrepreneur and Service provider

"I enjoy the travelling aspect of the role as I get to travel and meet different customers in various countries" - Amy Jawanda, Services Project Manager, CA Technologies

What kind of person is Amy?

Amy describes herself as a friendly and honest person who enjoys getting to know and working with a wide variety of people. She’s always been very self-motivated, as well as organised and efficient with her time and tasks - she freely admits that as a child she planned her social events! All that practice led Amy to a successful career planning projects from start to finish!

What is Amy’s job?

Amy is a Services Project Manager at CA Technologies, which is a digital consultancy providing companies with solutions ranging from marketing, to software development project management—Amy’s specialty! She’s responsible for taking on clients and kick-starting new projects, getting people involved, planning schedules and executing the whole project. Amy also has to monitor the progress of the project and make sure it delivers on its aims. Her main goal is to make sure the client gets the outcomes they need from the project. Each project is different, which means there’s lots of variety in the job.

How did she get that job?

Amy has always loved planning and organising events, so it felt natural to pursue a career in which she’d be using the same kind of skills and performing similar tasks. To help her achieve that, she completed an Information Technology for Business (ITMB) degree, which has a particularly employer-orientated focus. Once in her job, Amy also developed her project management skills by doing professional Project Management Qualifications, such as Prince2. Since her customers are not limited to the UK, she’s now studying for a Certified Associate in Project Management qualification, which is globally recognised.

Why is Amy the ‘Manager’, ‘Entrepreneur’ and ‘Service Provider’?

As a project manager, Amy fits the ‘Manager’ and ‘Service Provider’ types brilliantly because she runs and controls projects for specific clients. The ‘Entrepreneur’ also features prominently since being a project manager also involves providing solutions. Amy believes the ‘People Like Me’ quiz is great at highlighting roles that can be matched with your personality.

Anna Cheng

Anna Cheng

Communicator, Developer and Persuader

"Being part of the PR organisation, I am aware of all of the good things that Intel does, and it’s a great feeling to be able to share those stories to the public" - Anna Cheng, Press Relations Manager, Intel

What kind of person is Anna?

Anna enjoys being in cooperative and creative environments. She’s easy to get along with and loves forming relationships. These are great attributes to have when your job is all about communicating important messages to the public!

What is Anna’s job?

Anna is a Press Relations Manager for Intel, which is a technology company mainly known for producing microprocessors that power most of the world’s computers. She works with journalists and news editors to understand what it is they want to write about and what their readers are interested in. Anna also thinks about the way Intel wants to portray itself and the kind of stories it wants to tell about its products and employees. Anna’s goal is to look for matches between what the media want and what Intel wants. Without people like Anna, we wouldn’t know about the amazing, life-changing technology and great work that is being done at companies like Intel!

How did she get that job?

Anna had two passions growing up: art and computers. She won awards at primary school for her artwork but also enjoyed gaming and learned how to programme at the age of 8! Her aim was to be a graphic developer but she didn’t get accepted into an art and design course at university and instead studied Engineering. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise as she excelled in maths and computing, propelling herself into a STEM career. Since then, she’s had several promotions and the opportunity to live and work in another country.

Why is Anna the ‘Communicator’, ‘Developer’ and ‘Persuader’?

Anna fits the ‘Communicator’ and ‘Persuader’ types really well, after all her job is all about communicating with the media and convincing journalists to write about Intel’s technology and products! Although she doesn’t create products, her technical knowledge and creative approach mean she ticks the ‘Developer’ type too—she might even want more of a technical role one day. Anna was shocked how accurate the ‘People Like Me’ quiz results are to her career!

Annabel Sunnucks

Annabel Sunnucks

Supporter, Entrepreneur and Investigator

"I am 5 months in [her internship] and already it has given me an amazing platform to start my career. I have learnt and developed so much in this time" - Annabel Sunnucks, Intern, CA Technologies

What kind of person is Annabel?

Annabel is a very friendly and out-going person, who enjoys working with others. She’s an efficient worker and a good problem-solver. These are all great skills to have when you’re expected to meet new people and take on new challenges in your job on a regular basis!

What is Annabel’s job?

Annabel is an Intern at CA Technologies, which is a digital consultancy providing companies solutions ranging from marketing, to software development and project management. As an Intern, Annabel moves around different departments in the company every few months in order to gain experience in what each area is like. That means she has to adopt a very versatile approach so that she can be as productive as possible. For example, Annabel has worked in Marketing, supporting client projects, as well as organising and supporting events. Whilst working for the Communications team, she handled social media accounts and carried out tasks for both media agencies and her company’s internal communication network. Annabel loves the variety and being able to learn from so many different people. She’s also making great connections for the future!

How did she get that job?

Annabel aspired to many jobs when growing up: tennis star, policewoman and physiotherapist. For now, she’s ended up in IT, but still isn’t quite sure what she wants to do! She’s currently doing a Management and IT degree at Lancaster University. This internship is part of her sandwich course and lasts for one year. Annabel will graduate in 2017 and is looking to use the experience gained in this job to land her next one. The internship is paying her £13,500, which isn’t bad considering she’s still a student!

Why is Annabel the ‘Supporter’, ‘Entrepreneur’ and ‘Investigator’?

As an Intern, Annabel is an ideal ‘Supporter’, ‘Entrepreneur’ and ‘Investigator’, as she moves around the business using her problem solving, creativity and collaborative skills to help colleagues and clients find solutions to their challenges. Annabel thinks the ‘People Like Me’ quiz is a unique opportunity to discover more about yourself and career paths you might take.

Atinuke Proctor

Atinuke Proctor

Trainer, Supporter and Explorer

"The best thing about my role is the feeling that you’re using skills you’ve spent your career developing [...] I also love the people [...] You spend most of your time working and so if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, that’s 35hrs week of being unhappy" - Atinuke Proctor, Operations Leader, Cerner Limited

What kind of person is Atinuke?

Atinuke has an intriguing mix of personality traits. She’s a very diplomatic person who likes to connect and get to know people on a personal level. She can also be quite persuasive and adopts an approach to carrying out tasks that is both creative and practical. This really suits Atinuke’s job which involves her getting to know people in her company and figuring out how best to support them.

What is Atinuke’s job?

Atinuke is an Operations Leader at Cerner Limited, which is an IT consultancy company that supports the healthcare industry with both technical and management expertise. She works on internal projects that aim to support the consultancy side of the organisation. A typical day sees Atinuke trying to solve problems or challenges that her colleagues bring to her. Her job has so much variety that Atinuke never feels like she gets bored and that keeps her motivated! She’s always wanted to make things more efficient and that desire means she’s great at connecting with people from across the organisation.

How did she get that job?

Atinuke is quick to point out that she’s always been a geek: she’s a keen gamer and football lover! She’s also been obsessed with how hospitals are run since she was young, so it’s no surprise that she pursued a Biomedical Sciences degree. Her passion for healthcare and computers meant that she jumped at the chance to work for a company providing software solutions for that sector. Since she’s been at Cerner Ltd, she’s completed a Prince II project management qualification to further her skills. When she started, she earned £24,500, which is about average for a graduate. One day Atinuke would love to combine her love of healthcare with another great interest of hers: politics!

Why is Atinuke the ‘Trainer’, ‘Supporter’ and ‘Explorer’?

Atinuke is great example of the ‘Trainer’ and ‘Supporter’ types because she loves understanding the challenges people face and then working with them to find the solutions. The ‘Explorer’ type fits her well too because of how she spends time figuring out the best way to support others. Atinuke believes the ‘People Like Me’ quiz is a great way to become exposed to different jobs and then to link personality and skills to those careers.

Chandrika Srinivasan

Chandrika Srinivasan

Investigator, Developer and Service Provider

"I thought my [People Like Me quiz] results matched my current profession really well!" - Chandrika Srinivasan, Senior Software Engineer, Citrix

What kind of person is Chandrika?

Chandrika is a friendly person who loves creating software. She’s patient and logical, which are two great qualities to have when you solve problems for a living! Chandrika also has great people skills that she uses to collaborate with others in order to create the best possible software.

What is Chandrika’s job?

Chandrika is Senior Software Engineer for Citrix, a company that provides software to enable new ways for businesses and people to work better. Citrix is a software company that was founded in 1989. They are one of the oldest software companies in the world and have been a partner with Microsoft since the early 1990s! Chandrika’s job involves programming, either on her own or as part of a larger team. Chandrika also spends some of her time solving specific customer problems, training support staff and mentoring junior software engineers.

How did she get that job?

Growing up in India, Chandrika wanted to be a neurosurgeon, but, she quickly changed her mind as her technical skills developed. She eventually went on to university and then completed a master’s degree in Computer Science. She started her career in India working for a global technology company, earning just £80 a year! But now she has over 12 years’ experience in the software industry and works for Citrix, a global company.

Why is Chandrika the ‘Investigator’, ‘Developer’ and ‘Service Provider’?

As a software developer, Chandrika epitomises the ‘Investigator’, ‘Developer’ and ‘Service Provider’ types really well because she’s constantly working on new software solutions for clients and solving problems as she goes along. Chandrika likes the way the ‘People Like Me’ quiz is designed to be a fun way to get young people thinking about their skills, personalities and careers.

Damilola Erinle

Damilola Erinle

Communicator, Trainer and Persuader

"We talk a lot about ‘the art of the possible’ [at Salesforce] and it’s an inspiring framework in which to get your customers thinking about how to transform their business. It’s brilliant fun!" - Damilola Erinle, Area Vice President (UK & Ireland), Salesforce

What kind of person is Damilola?

Damilola is a real ‘people-person’: she’s friendly, supportive and enjoys working in collaboration with others. These skills help her connect and work positively with a wide range of audiences from senior board members, to sales teams and even customers.

What is Damilola’s job?

Damilola is the Area Vice President (covering the UK and Ireland) for Salesforce, which is a Customer Relationship Management company that provides technology solutions for businesses to better connect with their customers. Their software helps track what customers buy and what they need. Damilola’s role is very varied: she might be convincing senior board members to invest large sums of money in new technology, motivating her sales teams to create relationships with new customers, coaching her leadership team or even speaking to the media! Above all, meeting the needs of Salesforce’s customers is never far from Damilola’s mind.

How did she get that job?

Growing up, Damilola wanted to be a nurse or a doctor but in the end she veered towards genetic engineering as it’s a really exciting field (think cloning and genetically modified food!). However, after finishing her university degree, she realised life as scientist working in laboratories was too isolating for her. Instead, Damilola applied her scientific approach to solving problems in the business and commercial worlds. It was at this stage that she completed a master’s in International Business Management in order to help her better understand these environments. Her starting salary in this field was £18,000, with the potential to earn up to £31,000 if she hit her performance-related targets.

Why is Damilola the ‘Communicator’, ‘Trainer’ and ‘Persuader’?

Damilola is a great example of the ‘Communicator’ and ‘Persuader’ types because of the amount of conversations she has with key members of Salesforce, whom she’ll update with important information and try to convince to make certain decisions. The ‘Trainer’ suits her well too because of how she manages and develops her various teams. Damilola thinks the ‘People Like Me’ quiz would have been exactly what she needed because the jobs she used to be interested in were quite traditional and she didn’t know what she was best suited for. She believes that if more young people knew about how jobs match personality there would be more people in happier careers!

Delight Okeke

Delight Okeke

Service provider, Developer and Investigator

"The best thing about what I do is the variety. I’m learning as I go, which makes it very interesting!" - Delight Okeke, Software Engineer, Accenture

What kind of person is Delight?

Delight is an honest person who combines a natural curiosity with a practical, logical approach to life. This mix of personality traits helps her take in a lot of information, analyse it and come up with an appropriate solution—quite useful when people expect you to develop complicated software applications!

What is Delight’s job?

Delight is a Software Engineer for Accenture, which is a global management consultancy offering solutions for other companies who have strategic, digital or operational needs. Delight focuses on building or improving software solutions using programming languages or tools. She’ll be given a project to work on, along with all the requirements the software needs to have. Then, it’s up to Delight to figure out how best to develop that software—no pressure! Delight really enjoys this kind of work because of the variety and how much she gets to learn while working.

How did she get that job?

When it came to thinking about what job she wanted, Delight changed her mind quite a bit: from banker to doctor and eventually to programmer! She realised how much she enjoyed Maths, Chemistry and Physics and so ended up studying Chemical Engineering at university. That’s where she became really interested in programming and taught herself HTML and CSS, after which she started applying for Software Engineering jobs. Her starting salary after university was £28,000, which is good for a graduate!

Why is Delight the ‘Service Provider’, ‘Developer’ and‘ Investigator’?

Delight fits the ‘Service Provider’ type really well because the software she builds is created for Accenture’s clients and according to their briefs. She also matches the ‘Developer’ and ‘Investigator’ types because her role focuses on analysing those requirements and working out the best way to build that software. Delight wishes the ‘People Like Me’ quiz was available when she was at school because it would have helped show how her personality complemented her abilities and then matched up with different career paths.

Diana Terry

Diana Terry

Manager, Trainer and Communicator

"I get to help people become better versions of themselves!" - Diana Terry, Director, Salesforce

What kind of person is Diana?

Diana is a really friendly, approachable person. She considers herself to be fair and helpful. This, combined with her out-going personality, makes her a great fit for working with and managing people. She’s also very organised and resourceful, which are great attributes for running projects.

What is Diana’s job?

Diana is a Director for Salesforce, which is a Customer Relationship Management company that provides technology solutions for businesses to better connect with their customers. Their software helps track what customers buy and what they need. Diana leads a team of Solution Engineers, who are responsible for solving Salesforce’s clients’ needs. She makes sure there are no obstacles during their day so that they can focus 100% of their time on their clients! Diana manages everything from the team’s budget to their work schedules.

How did she get that job?

Diana aspired to be a teacher or a florist before she decided to go for a job that was more complex—and that paid more! Her degree in IT helped provide her with the platform to understand the roles of the colleagues she’s responsible for. Above all, Diana believes a lot of hard work and determination got her where she is today!

Why is Diana the ‘Manager’, ‘Trainer’ and ‘Communicator’?

Diana encompasses the ‘Manager’ type really well because she looks after the needs of her team and guides them. To do this, she taps in to her ‘Trainer’ and ‘Communicator’ attributes, sharing her knowledge with her team and helping to grow their confidence and develop their skills. Diana definitely thinks the ‘People Like Me’ quiz is great because growing up she had no idea what kind of careers were available to people with her interests.

Gursimran Kaur

Gursimran Kaur

Developer, Explorer and Regulator

"[the best thing about my job is] learning new things every day - working in a tech company you need to be up to date with emerging technology, which makes work fun and challenging" - Gursimran Kaur, Graduate Engineer, Intel

What kind of person is Gursimran?

Gursimran loves a tough challenge. She’s persistent, efficient and reliable. Above all, she’s a self-motivated person who enjoys using her knowledge and initiative to solve problems. These are great personality traits to have for someone who faces the challenge of developing and designing computer microchips every day!

What is Gursimran’s job?

Gursimran is a Graduate Engineer for Intel, which is a technology company mainly known for producing microprocessors that power most of the world’s computers. Her job involves working on the physical design of microprocessors and their circuits. She’s mainly focused on writing code scripts to automate some of the steps in the flow of the chip’s physical layout. The physical nature of a computer chip is important because that’s what allows it to connect with other parts around it and ultimately how it controls the products it sits in.

How did she get that job?

Gursimran wanted to be a lawyer when she was growing up but discovered she had a passion for maths and electronics. This drove her to concentrate on Maths and Science at school before going to university to do a degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering—perfect really if you plan on understanding how the “insides” of electronic products work! She started out as an Intern earning £15,000, which gave her an ideal platform to grow her career from.

Why is Gursimran the ‘Developer’, ‘Explorer’ and ‘Regulator’?

Gursimran is an ideal ‘Developer’ and ‘Explorer’ because she manipulates the world of electronics and coding to help develop microchips. Her ‘Regulator’ traits complement these types since Gursimran is great at spotting errors and checking details to make sure everything is correct. Gursimran definitely thinks the ‘People Like Me’ quiz is useful because it helps reflect on your own strengths and weaknesses at school, giving you an opportunity to develop them further.

Kaleigh McKinney

Kaleigh McKinney

Service provider, Entrepreneur and Manager

"I work with seven of the largest financial institutions globally [...] using technology to solve major business problems within organisations is inspiring" - Kaleigh McKinney, Systems Engineer, Citrix

What kind of person is Kaleigh?

Kaleigh is an outgoing person who loves working with people. She matches that collaborative spirit with a natural sense of organisation and resourcefulness. This mix of personality traits helps her succeed in a really tough entrepreneurial environment: Kaleigh has seven of the world’s largest financial companies as her clients!

What is Kaleigh’s job?

Kaleigh is a Systems Engineer for Citrix, a company that provides software to enable new ways for businesses and people to work better. Citrix was founded in 1989. Kaleigh’s role is to work with organisations in the financial services sector to design and implement technology solutions for those companies. She helps manage the relationship Citrix has with some of the biggest financial companies in the world by providing technical support and consultation during the sales cycles. There is a lot of trouble shooting and problem solving in her role. It’s a very customer-facing role and Kaleigh has to use her resourcefulness to find technical solutions to their business challenges.

How did she get that job?

Kaleigh doesn’t actually have any technical academic qualifications but that didn’t stop her starting a career with one of the most well-known software companies! She’s always had an interest in technology and combined that knowledge with a degree in Entrepreneurship and very strong problem-solving skills. While at a careers fair, Kaleigh met a Citrix recruiter looking for good problem-solvers and she ended up being accepted on a year-long training course in Florida. Once she completed the course her starting salary was $64,000 (around £40,000)!

Why is Kaleigh the ‘Service Provider’, ‘Entrepreneur’ and ‘Manager’?

The business aspects of Kaleigh’s role mean she’s a great example of the ‘Service Provider’ and ‘Entrepreneur’ types because she’s solving problems that can help her client’s business thrive. She’s also the ‘Manager’ because of how well she works with people. Kaleigh thinks the ‘People Like Me’ quiz is great at busting the myth that only coders or “techy” people can work in technology!

Miranda Peerbocus-Jones

Miranda Peerbocus-Jones

Supporter, Manager and Developer

"I get to be creative in my position too, making work not feel like work or highlighting where we’ve done a marvellous job [...] it’s flippin’ brilliant - a fabulous feeling" - Miranda Peerbocus-Jones, UK Quality Manager, Cerner Limited

What kind of person is Miranda?

Miranda is a creative individual who enjoys finding ways to support and get the most out of people. She’s quite honest, patient and persuasive so she doesn’t mind taking her time to find the right solutions, but once she does, people tend to agree with her!

What is Miranda’s job?

Miranda is the UK Quality Manager at Cerner Limited, which is an IT consultancy company that supports the healthcare industry with both technical and management expertise. She works in the background supporting the consultants who are involved with client-facing development projects. Miranda reviews how they perform their roles and looks for ways to improve their day-to-day work. She’s a big believer that having to improve isn’t a bad thing—it may be a challenge (and not always easy to accept) but it’s a chance to progress and develop both the business and the individual. Miranda also mentors a number of colleagues, which she really enjoys.

How did she get that job?

Miranda always hated being asked what she wanted to be when she was young! She stuck with studying science through school and university, after which she did a master’s in Applied Biology. She started out as a Science Editor for a big publishing company earning £16,000 and within six months convinced them to give her a bigger role (and salary)! Although she felt that was her dream job, she eventually wanted to make more of a difference in people’s working lives and that’s when she joined Cerner. Since then, she’s done a Prince II project management qualification, which helped her perfect her skills in supporting others with their work.

Why is Miranda the ‘Supporter’, ‘Manager’ and ‘Developer’?

Miranda fits the ‘Supporter’ type brilliantly because she likes to encourage new ideas and provide guidance when people face challenges. Although she doesn’t manage people, the mentoring side of her role fits well with the ‘Manager’ type. As for the ‘Developer’ type, Miranda doesn’t create products but she does use her creativity and practical nature to help drive projects forward. Miranda thinks the ‘People Like Me’ quiz would have been useful for her younger self because of the way it lays out lots of career options—she even found it useful for her now!

Natasha Brewer

Natasha Brewer

Developer, Investigator and Supporter

"Being a consultant I am able to change my job relatively frequently. As much as I am enjoying myself, I am looking forward to my next project" - Natasha Brewer, Business Systems & Integration Analyst, Accenture

What kind of person is Natasha?

Natasha describes herself as an organised, efficient and reliable person. She’s very self-motivated too and this combination of personality traits means she’s great at doing project-orientated work: she can be relied on to tackle and deliver all the different aspects of a project and then move on to something completely different!

What is Natasha’s job?

Natasha is a Business Systems & Integration Analyst for Accenture, which is a global management consultancy offering solutions for other companies who have strategic, digital or operational needs. Natasha is focused on clients who need support with management and technology challenges. Her current client is a global credit card company who require a complete transformation of their billing systems. Natasha is working on redesigning their applications by identifying issues with the client and then managing the development of improvements by facilitating discussions between the business and technical teams: she’s the ultimate cog in the consultancy machine! Aside from that, Natasha is also the lead for the Girls in Technology initiative run by Accenture, which involves running workshops for girls to inspire them to consider careers in technology.

How did she get that job?

Natasha grew up wanting a career in Science and more specifically as a veterinarian. Although she decided the emotional side of that job might be too tough, so she pursued a Biology degree at university. She had several placements in laboratories but felt working in that environment was too isolating. So, she applied to Accenture as an experiment, not expecting to be offered a job. The idea of working with different clients and projects appealed to Natasha because she admits she has a short attention span! Her starting salary was £31,500 and she even got a £10,000 signing bonus (paid over two years).

Why is Natasha the ‘Developer’, ‘Investigator’ and ‘Supporter’?

Natasha is a great example of these three types because she works with clients to identify issues they have and then works out how best to solve them by coordinating both with the client and her development and business teams. Natasha can see how the ‘People Like Me’ quiz would have been very interesting to do when she was younger by helping identify possible STEM careers that suited her personality.

Poppie Simmonds

Poppie Simmonds

Supporter, Trainer and Entrepreneur

"I found job titles I hadn’t heard before... the quiz has definitely given me a lot to look into!" - Poppie Simmonds, Computer Science student, University of Birmingham

What kind of person is Poppie?

Poppie is a self-motivated student who is currently weighing up her career options. She’s friendly, diplomatic and a very eloquent speaker, which are all skills she’s been able to develop in the various part-time jobs she does alongside her studies.

What is Poppie’s job?

Poppie is a 3rd year student at the University of Birmingham, studying Computer Science. She currently has two part-time jobs. As a student ambassador for the University, Poppie helps run open days and also works on residential summer schools, which are great for building relationships with young people—especially those from lower income backgrounds who would be the first in their family to attend university, like Poppie. She enjo

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