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People Like Me - for teachers

An introduction for STEM ambassadors and teachers

People Like Me is a teaching resource designed to enable teachers and STEM ambassadors to help girls understand who they are and how this relates to roles in the workplace.

How do the sessions work?

People Like Me uses the natural tendency of girls to articulate their self-identity using adjectives, to show them that people like them are happy and successful working in careers in STEM. The resource is designed to be delivered by teachers, careers advisors, STEM ambassadors and company outreach staff.

The main aims of the session are to show the girls that:

  • people are happier and more successful in job roles which match their aptitudes and characteristics.
  • everyone has their own preferred way of working, and having to work another way can be stressful, frustrating and less successful.
  • by understanding their own aptitudes and characteristics it will help them find job roles in the future in which they can be happy and successful.
  • if students keep a science subject in their portfolio it can give them more job options.

The People Like Me resource can be delivered in a number of different formats to suit your needs.


30 minutes

Introductory activity - 5 minutes
People Like Me quiz - 15 minutes
Job types analysis - 10 minutes

50 minutes

Introductory activity - 5 minutes
People Like Me quiz - 15 minutes
Job types analysis - 10 minutes
Case Studies or Role Models - 20 minutes
ADDITIONAL SESSIONS Keeping Doors Open presentation
Mothers and Daughters evening session - 1-1.5 hours

The People Like Me resource should not be delivered as an isolated session - in order to encourage more girls participating in science and engineering, the idea that STEM is for people like them should be reinforced throughout school. Download our guide to girl friendly STEM teaching here.

It is IMPORTANT that training is sought before delivering the resource to girls as it is ESSENTIAL that the correct language is used throughout delivery of the resource. Find out more about training.

The next training date is tbc.

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