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People Like Me Bespoke Packs

People Like Me bespoke packs

People Like Me is a set of ground breaking-resources that enables teachers, STEM ambassadors and outreach staff to show girls aged 11-14 that they can be happy and successful in a career in STEM.

WISE can work with a limited set of organisations to create a bespoke version of the pack. This would allow your organisation to run outreach that engages more effectively with girls and that would contain specific information about your organisation, industry sector or region.


The pack would contain:

  • Up to 12 case studies written about female role models from your organisation or sector.
  • Tailored imagery containing women from your industry or organisation
  • Tailored job titles relevant to your industry – these map to the relevant job types scoped in the pack
  • Links to your website to download your tailored pack
  • Up to 100 printed packs
  • Access to print-ready files for further printing
  • Use of the ‘People Like Me’ downloadable App

Sponsoring a bespoke pack also includes the benefits of being trained by the WISE Campaign.

Training includes:

  • A hands-on training session in presenting the resource to girls for staff members
  • Supporting resources:
  • Listed on WISE website as ‘Licensed’ to present the resources to girls and therefore where we would recommend people seek presenters.
  • Ability to use the ‘People Like Me’ – licensed’ badge
  • Up to 15 packs to facilitate training (further printed packs available at £10 a copy)
  • Access to digital files to enable further printing of the resource

If you are interested in producing a bespoke People Like Me pack, please contact Mhairi Crawford (m.crawford@wisecampaign.org.uk) or Shagufta Sharif (s.sharif@wisecampaign.org.uk)

Exisiting Bespoke Packs

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For girls ages 14-19

'People Like Me: Pathways to Apprenticeships'

Coming soon:

  • Babcock International
  • Careers in Energy

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